y a large amount of precious resources since childhood.

David is now catching up with those geniuses with the help of level three enhanced meat. Of course, this is only in terms of strength and physique, and in terms of weapon mastery. Not to mention geniuses of the same age, even veteran strong men pale in comparison to him.
David has never seen a soldier who can at least use a half-step perfect level heavy ax mastery alone.
In terms of wealth, he has 15 billion in cash and 40 billion in fixed assets. The Kerr Intelligence Organization continues to bring him credit point income, plus 100% of the Sla Combat Academy base that will be available soon. The fifth income, not to mention the extraordinary resources for one person, is enough for ten extraordinary resources.
Esmond’s extraordinary request for mercy cannot move David’s heart.
“Kaser Chaofan, Gabriel Chaofan!” Esmond Chaofan whispered these two names. Kaser Chaofan is very famous because he fights all year round in the battle star and is a very belligerent Chaofan.
Among the intelligence, it was stated that Casser died of extraordinary poisoning, but most of the analysis was an accident. Even intelligence experts did not believe that David could poison a extraordinary person in front of the extraordinary.
If Kaser Chaofan was so easy to be poisoned, he wouldn’t be able to survive that long on Battle Star.
David personally admitted that he killed Kaser Chaofan, which shocked Esmond Chaofan.
Gabriel’s extraordinary death was also suspected to have been caused by David, because at that time the only sniper master who was most likely to take action was David, who was on the planet Lenka.
After Esmond Chaofan knew that David had killed two Chaofan, he knew clearly that David had no fear of Chaofan. He estimated that killing him would be as stress-free as killing an ordinary person.
“How can you let me go?” Esmond Chaofan slumped on the ground and asked as if he had given up hope.
/Esmond’s extraordinary question made David feel a little tempted, but he quickly rejected the idea in his heart.
Among his space items, the Oath Stone still has an empty space. If Esmond Chaotic can be bound to the Oath Stone, then he will have an obedient Chaotic under his command.
But David quickly gave up this idea, because the term “supernatural” made him unable to believe that the oath stone could have any effect.
What is extraordinary? It is a powerful existence beyond the ordinary. No matter how lonely he appears in front of David, once there is a chance, there will be backlash.
/David did not answer Esmond’s extraordinary question, but casually took out the ‘Extraordinary Army Spur’ from his calf.
He didn’t dare to be careless. Just knocking down Esmond Chaofan with one palm was different from wanting to kill Esmond Chaofan.
David didn’t know if Esmond Chaofan still had the desperate means, so at such a close distance, he naturally used the most effective method to kill the opponent.
“You!” Esmond Chaofan saw David’s actions and understood what David was thinking.