keep my junior student?”

keep my junior student?”
“I can’t figure out why you don’t dare to keep me,” Lian Zhixiu didn’t fall for his trick and replied calmly, “Your senior Qin Xiaocheng As I said, Li Yongsheng’s sneak attack on the tax officer was of a bad nature. I hope we are investigating you because it is not a teaching, so don’t be troublesome!”
Qin Tianzhu snorted and smiled, “I knew this was the case. Let me know you, my surname is Qin Beiguan too. Qin!”
Liancheng was stunned when he heard this. Beiguan Qin’s name was very famous, how could he not know about it?
/According to legend, that is the master who has family members in the Taoist Palace. Although the Taoist Palace does not interfere in secular affairs, who dares to underestimate the Taoist Palace?
After a long time, he managed to smile and said, “Beiguan Qin also has to follow the rules. The Qin family seems to have more than a thousand people, right?”
Beiguan Qin is famous for being low-key – or rather arrogant. If anything happens in the clan, he will directly handle it internally. Young Master There are people who ask for help from the arresting house, which is what Qin Tianzhu said. He doesn’t know the arresting house at all.
Although Liancheng was surprised by the identity of the other party, he would not let go easily – there are more than a thousand people in the Qin family, and if you are so arrogant, does the clan leader know?
Qin Tianzhu opened his mouth and said two words calmly, “Grandson!”
When Lian Zhixiu heard this, he couldn’t calm down. There are more than a thousand people in the Qin family, how many legitimate grandchildren can there be? And he is also a direct grandson who practiced in Boben?
He looked at the expressionless Uncle Yi again, and finally decided that he didn’t want to swim in this muddy water, so he nodded slightly, “Then you go, Qin Xiaocheng’s place, remember to say, you can’t write two words in one stroke Qin.”
Chapter 60: Taking the bait.
“Qin Xiaocheng is a bird’s egg!” Qin Tianzhu snorted disdainfully and stood up, “Since he is a senior and his surname is Qin, I will not hold him accountable. .”
The three of them stood up and walked away in the eyes of many people in the arresting room.
When Li Yongsheng walked out of the arresting room, he couldn’t help but sigh: The second generation was indeed the second generation, and he was showing off so loudly in the arresting room of the county that the other party had to recognize him.
Even if Boss Zhu comes in person, this is probably the scene, right?
However, the person who is food-oriented has a poor foundation after all. He takes the initiative to find faults and looks ugly when he eats, and he lacks a lot of calmness.
When leaving the prison room, Li Yongsheng turned around and chuckled, “I’m also going to Senior Qin’s place in the tax room.” ”
Tsk,” Qin Tianzhu couldn’t help but smacked his lips when he heard this – this is ridiculous. One more thing.
Qin Xiaocheng and Beiguan Qin are actually from the same family. The Qin brothers came here more tha