of ??chaos. I’m afraid it can’t be cut off!

Jing Ningzi tried several times, but still couldn’t stop. He looked gloomy and shook his head: “Tongtian has this ability, but I don’t.”
Master Tai was a little disappointed.
Cen Xizi said: “Then, wouldn’t it be enough to ask Taoist Master Tongtian to take action?”
Master Tai Dao said: “Master Tongtian has left Biyou Palace long ago and went to the heaven to pursue the Taoist Master. He has not returned yet, and he does not know whether he is alive or dead.”
Gong Jiexuan was shocked and opened her mouth, but did not speak.
Tai Dao Master continued: “Other than that, we can only count on a Void Dao Master to take action and cut off the void during the fight, so that they cannot easily borrow the Tao power of the universe.”
When he said this, he frowned deeply.
No matter on the other side or in heaven, there has never been a Taoist Master of the Void.
The Void Avenue is like a stunted Heaven and Earth Avenue. People who practice this avenue can only achieve the second level of certification at most, which is the realm of immortality, and cannot be promoted to the realm of the Tao Master.
Gong Jiexuan said decisively: “Master Void will not consider it for now. Is there any other way?”
Master Tai Dao said: “There is another way, which is to go back to the past and kill them when they are still weak!”
Everyone looked at each other, went back to the past, and killed the two Taoist masters Lin and Luo?
/Can it really be done?
Master Tai Dao said: “At present, this may be the only feasible way. Because this magical power has been created.”
Gong Jiexuan’s eyes flashed and she said: “Xu Ying. Pingyaozi and Lingxuzi died in his hands. You also used this method to interfere with my father, causing him to be seriously injured by Luo Taizong. But, that time you It is to change the present, but now you are changing the past. Can you succeed?”
Master Taiyi said: “Aren’t Pingyaozi and Lingxuzi the precedents?”
“no the same.”
Yuxizi said, “Pingyaozi and Lingxuzi are not very strong in cultivation, so it will be difficult for them to survive the Nirvana Tribulation. But the cultivation strength of Luo Shizong and Lin Chuanting is too high, and the Nirvana Tribulation may not be able to destroy them. If they They are people who are destined to survive the catastrophe of Nirvana. If you kill them in the past, you will have to endure the counterattack of endless time! This counterattack is so big that Taoist masters of the nine innate paths like you and me cannot imagine!”
Master Taiyi frowned slightly.
If Taoist Luo and Taoist Lin are destined to survive the catastrophe of annihilation, then they are existences that have jumped out of the reincarnation of the universe, carrying the cause and effect of the entire universe.
At that time, killing him in the past was as difficult as saving a person who was destined to die in the catastrophe of annihilation.
The rescuers at that time had to endure endless counterattacks!
“Cut time into the smallest scale, and it can be divided