world, he couldn’t help but said: “That cheap maid arrogantly scolded me and asked me to bring her tea and water. Call her mother, if she knows”

“She won’t know.”
Lu Bei blinked. There was gold under the man’s knees. He pushed the Taifu down and knelt down directly to ride on her. Please, just be clear in your heart. Don’t spread this matter, especially don’t spread it to Hu Er’s ears.
Neither can Fox Three.
“Why not let her know? Everyone knows. If you continue to hide it, wouldn’t it just rub salt into her wound?”
The Taifu grabbed Lu Bei’s lapel and bent his invincible back with a slight hook. Looking into each other’s eyes, she blew on the scent and said seductively: “The stinky fox has an elegant appearance and a plump body, and he can act well in front of others.” A pure fairy, she can play the role of an evil witch. Her skills are much better than mine, sir, and ”
“You’ve been calling her mother for several years!”
The corners of Lu Bei’s eyes twitched wildly. Where did the devil’s master come from? In order not to lose his seniority, he actually pushed his good sisters for many years into the fire pit.
Can this be pushed randomly?
Lu Bei turned Taifu over, held him in his arms, raised his hand and slapped him on the buttocks.
After a few words, Taifu was considered honest and no longer mentioned Hu Er. He just couldn’t help laughing and couldn’t help but smile at the corner of his mouth.
“This is not funny at all and it’s killing me.”
/“Tsk, tsk, being invincible for a lifetime also has troubles!”
“You still said that!”
Lu Bei was so angry that he seemed to have found a source of happiness. He was probably suppressed too hard by Hu Er before, and once he broke out, he wanted to get it back from Lu Bei.
There is nothing wrong with a mother’s debt being paid by her son.
No, she is no longer a mother.
Lu Bei looked at the Taifu whose character had collapsed and shook his head in helplessness. He blamed Hu Er for bullying others too much and not even leaving a way out for him.
After a while, the Tutor finally stopped laughing and said solemnly: “I don’t have to talk about this matter, and they won’t spread it randomly, but what happens to the Sutra of Abandonment depends on you.”
“I know, that’s what gives me a headache.”
Lu Bei hugged the beauty: “You don’t know, after becoming invincible, the world I came into contact with is so deceptive!”
“It’s full of conspiracies and calculations. I was born late and was plotted by too many people.”
Lu Bei told the story exactly as it was, including the part that was not explained in the Sutra of Abandonment. He turned around and told the Taifu that he was the Great Heavenly Lord Yuanshen I.
The Taifu’s eyes were filled with brilliance. He raised his hand to caress the pretty girl’s face and sighed that his vision was precise and he had found such an excellent furnace.
Good baby, you won’t suffer any loss if you recognize a few sisters.
“This is the situation. I am full of calculations. The great changes in the world have come. I am the pe