sky, Chu Weiyang’s figure walked out in a straight line.

But in anyone’s eyes, it seemed that following the burst of ferocious arrogance, Chu Weiyang seemed to be manifesting the vastness of the sixty-four hexagrams, and also seemed to be manifesting the seventy-two earth evil spirits. tyrannical!
But Chu Weiyang arrived just like that! Here we are alone! In the fierce and ferocious flames, there was Chu Weiyang’s unreserved and supreme murderous intention!
Demonic thoughts are revealed in the world, like wine and grease poured on thunder and fire!
He had drained away all the hot magma brewing in the scorching volcano on Qi Feiqiong’s body. Now, Chu Weiyang’s Tao and Dharma, Chu Weiyang’s thunder and fireworks, Chu Weiyang’s surging emotions and killing Nian, everything is so just right!
The sword energy buzzed silently.
But when the buzzing sound of the treasure pierced the sky, everyone seemed to hear the sound of killing like a dragon roaring in a trance!
The next moment, as the Huanshou knife cut through the cold night wind, a series of equally dark spells appeared around Chu Weiyang in an instant!
It’s the evil spirit! It’s also the sixty-four hexagrams!
The seventy-two earthly demons swayed with the hem of the Qiankun robe and shone at Chu Weiyang’s feet. The sixty-four hexagrams and talismans hung high, and the majestic celestial phenomena of the universe shone brightly.
Thunder and fireworks intertwined, and in the blink of an eye when the sword fell, Zhang Du seemed to see the unparalleled power of Fan Hao from that sword!
The next moment, as Zhang Du’s Dharma Seal fell, six dragon roars filled the air!
Six paths?
When Zhang Du’s expression suddenly became stunned, the sword in Chu Weiyang’s hand cut through the night wind. The body of the sword, as white as snow, showed extremely fine dragon patterns of overlapping scales. These tiny overlapping patterns marked the Breaking through the night, the sound of whimpering wind could be heard, and when these sounds overlapped together, it was already a roaring sound that was far superior to that of the dragon!
Similarly, when Chu Weiyang took a look at it, among the five colors of the dragon phase, not to mention the two phases of water and fire, Chu Weiyang even saw the seal on the earth phase at a glance due to the long-term use of earth master’s methods. There is some disharmony in the talisman array.
The first time I saw this five-color dragon appearance was at the top of Tianwu Daocheng.
Now that time flies, looking back, it was nothing more than that!
The moment the sword struck down, spells turned into mysterious thunder struck down with the force of the sword. When the sword passed through the mid-air, the flow of the sixty-four hexagrams was still unpredictable. Waiting for the real strike When there is disharmony, only the perfect and ultimate turbid yin tyranny of the seventy-two earth spirits is left!
Just one knife!
Amid the wails of the five-colored dragons, there is an intensifying argument among the blades!
It’s lik