degrees continued to fall, and the huge force even ejected the crazy Taoist who was using his sword combined attack skills with all his strength.

It turned out that due to the continuous burning of the Nine Yang Divine Fire, the meteorite layer surrounding Chu Tianji was dozens of times stronger than the meteorite layer surrounding Zhu Peng. Its hardness and toughness far exceeded ordinary gold and iron. The crazy Taoist used his ordinary tricks to It is natural to suffer losses when dealing with different meteorites.
It’s a good thing that the mad man didn’t cut the outer layer of stone skin, but now the cut part is not completely cut, which directly exposes the blazing white pure golden flame inside the meteorite, which is infinitely hotter than the orange-red flame just now. In an instant , the monks below even flashed defensive auras, but the high temperature had suddenly risen to the attack level.
Even if the monks are like this, not to mention the mortals living in the giant city of Nine Peaks, the houses will be burned, the earth will be cracked, and even the rocks will be baked. Even if you hide in the water, the water surrounding your body will quickly heat up into terrifying boiling water, and a piece of Tragic image
At the same time, Li Xuan, who was carrying a bag and was about to run away, was blocked by Wen Chonghua, who was carrying a sword box. Li Xuan’s abilities in all aspects are indeed outstanding. He has only been running the Ninth Peak for a short time. Even before he was familiar with the work process, he was already familiar with it. When he was preparing to run away, he packed up all the most valuable things on the Ninth Peak, so much so that the storage space bag on his body couldn’t fit in, so he had to carry part of it himself.
But it was precisely because of this crazy pursuit of wealth that no room was spared. Li Xuan’s movements were a little slow, but he was blocked by Wen Chonghua, who reacted very quickly.
Wen Chonghua just casually glanced at the Ninth Peak, which was almost scraped three feet away by Li Xuan, but he didn’t care. For Li Xuan, who was about to lose his power, a large amount of property was a necessary guarantee for future practice and even survival, but for Li Xuan who still had mastered it, For Wen Chonghua, who had great power, a few possessions were of no consequence at all. As long as the amount does not reach a certain limit, the so-called wealth is just a number for the owners of powerful forces. For example, after the financial disintegration of a secular country, the little wealth left by a bankrupt country is enough to create several tens of billions. of super large companies
/“When I saw the Taoist outside swinging his sword, I already realized that you must run away. Is he your master or someone else?”
Wen Chonghua asked in a calm tone, but his thin figure was fixed there, so Li Xuan did not dare to move lightly. He was only in the early stage of Buxu, and Wen Chonghua was already a strong swordsman who had passed the peak of Buxu for more than a h