“Oh, that’s such a coincidence,” Already Zhang Lisheng walked to the airport parking lot and opened the car door and got in. “Then I will rush to the factory now and see you soon.”
/The young man hung up the phone and started the Explorer and drove out of the parking lot. He left on the streets of New York. We took the right turn and took the road leading directly out of the city, all the way to Muteslo.
At this time, the wasteland near the lake had become as noisy as a flea market. Hundreds of cars of all kinds were parked in the wilderness beside the road. Many cars were sitting on their roofs carrying items such as “Another World”. It is our hope’; ‘If we plunder other people’s lands, one day they will take away everything from us’; ‘Christ Jesus, I know that all these are your holy signs, please bring them with you. You devout believers get away from this ugly Iruma’s slogan.
/Most of them were unkempt, buying cold beers, hot dogs, and hamburgers from vendors, eating and drinking, and enjoying themselves while shouting vague slogans under the no longer strong sunshine in the afternoon.
When some got tired, they climbed on the roof of the car, set up a barbecue stall next to the car, and started to jointly stop the cars that had just driven out of the slaughterhouse, bought the processed Qianjing raw meat, and started to barbecue enthusiastically.
After living in the United States for two years, Zhang Lisheng has become accustomed to such inexplicable demonstrations. He slowed down and drove the Explorer onto the branch road leading directly to the slaughterhouse. When he passed the factory gate, he stopped and said to the security captain on duty: “Inform all farmers who are slaughtering livestock in the factory to be careful of those who are demonstrating.
I just saw them stopping the car on the road to buy meat for barbecue. They all looked drunk. Don’t have an accident.
And don’t let these things happen. They were too close to the factory. After drinking, they needed to vent their anger. Don’t let our slaughterhouse become their target.” “Don’t
worry, sir, all our security guards are armed with guns these days. “,” the security captain patted the gun belt on his shoulder and said confidently: “If those lunatics break into our factory without heeding the warning, I will shoot their heads in half.”
Zhang Lisheng was stunned for a moment. Looking outside the car window, he looked at the cold look of the security captain with a square face and a very strong body. He nodded approvingly, “Very good, I like your tough attitude.” He stepped on the accelerator and slowly drove in. The factory.
After parking the car outside his two-story office building, Zhang Lisheng walked into the reception room and found Maddie already waiting behind the desk. He opened the metal door to the second floor and asked, “Maddie, listen. Mr. Edward said, are you planning to go to the ‘Ocean Shrimp No. 2 World’ today?”
“Yes, boss.”
“It’s very dangerous there,” Zhang Lisheng opened the metal door, walked up