ment of silence: “You can find your girlfriend and be happy. The hospital is not a place for young people like you. Just leave Ephanie and me alone. Okay.”

ment of silence: “You can find your girlfriend and be happy. The hospital is not a place for young people like you. Just leave Ephanie and me alone. Okay.”
“Okay, I won’t disturb you anymore, Professor. If you need any help, please contact me at any time.” Zhang Lisheng sighed, turned to look at Harveyd, “Captain. Can I leave?”
” Of course, Mr. Zhang, you can leave at any time.” The agent of the Naval Investigation Bureau personally opened the door for Zhang Lisheng. “Finally, I want to ask you a question that will never involve any of your privacy. Do
you think that young man is older? Why would the promising Mr. Justin betray his mentor and do something so irrational as a criminal offense?”
“Frankly speaking, Captain, that mysterious ‘golden elixir’ was discovered by Justin first, but… But Professor Efeni excluded him from future experiments due to various considerations.
You have been exposed to many criminal crimes, and you should understand that sometimes when people feel unbalanced and unfair in their hearts, but cannot think about it, they often do He committed some extreme and terrible behavior.”
“It was Justin who discovered the ‘action targets’ of those thugs, and the inside story…” Havid said in surprise.
“This is not
an inside story, Captain. Although it was an ‘experimental material’ discovered by Justin, he made the discovery using instruments in the laboratory on the free property of the United States when he was ordered to assist other scientists. He has no ownership rights and exclusive “research rights” to the ‘material’. As the leader of the laboratory, Efeni is not allowed to participate in the experiment because of his lack of ability. This is completely reasonable in the academic world.
He resents Efeni for this. To harm your own mentor is simply insane.” Hear the words of the Naval Investigative Service agent. Stephen suddenly said without looking back.
“Professor Stephen is right. According to the conventions of academia, it is completely reasonable that Justin cannot participate in the experiment, but like I said. This person is very, very extreme. He is just a crazy lunatic, so he made It is an irrational criminal act.” Zhang Lisheng hurriedly echoed the instructor’s words. He nodded heavily to Harvey and walked out of the ward.
In a hospital corridor that smells a little bad. He breathed a sigh of relief, took out his cell phone and was about to call Tina when he was suddenly blocked by a young white man with a big nose and his companion with a reluctant expression, the same skin color, about the same age, and thick eyebrows. .
“Do you need any help, gentlemen?” Zhang Lisheng was stunned for a moment and asked with a frown.
Hearing his fluent New York accent, the young man with thick eyebrows and a reluctant look on his face immediately muttered in Chinese: “Look, Mi dialect that is so standard, smooth, and exactly the same as in rice dramas can be spoken by Chinese people.
/If you look at his face and temperament, can’t you tell that he is a pure foreigner? W