Qing of the Jinque Palace, and also targeted Yuan Hong and others of the Hedao Sect.” The white-haired woman continued, keeping accounts for him.

Earlier, when it came to deciding whether to allow Kong Xuan to attend this exchange meeting, the dojo had made a decision, namely Guangguang Tian.
This is a transcendent behemoth. In all the major star fields in the world, there are some top sects who are their external members.
/The forces that rely on them are not concentrated in a certain sea of ????stars, but are scattered everywhere.
Among them, Shiguangjiao and Shiguangdong are their important branches.
They call themselves Guangguangtian, which means they are supreme, control time, and control the world.
Wang Xuan’s face was calm, but there were waves in his heart.
He remembered an old incident. When the extraordinary winter of the mother universe came, he explored the world behind the Earth of Life. In those areas that looked like extraordinary sources, he heard vague whispers of forbidden levels. At that time, he had been looking for it for a long time. , suspecting that the beings from the adjacent outer universe are having secret conversations.
Among the voices back then, one person once mentioned that the deputy cave master of the Time Cave died.
At this moment, Wang Xuan’s heart surged. Who was speaking back then? Could it be the True Saint of Time Sky? However, there was something heavy about the whisperer back then.
If he is the supreme being in Time Sky, then he seems to be in trouble too.
For a moment, when Wang Xuan faced the three true saint disciples, he was a little distracted, making the white-haired woman Lin Ran feel slighted and ignored.
“Qin Cheng, Kong Xuan, what do you have to say?” The silver armor shone quickly, and ripples of time spread out, mysterious and powerful.
Wang Xuan raised his head and said: “Shut up, I’m just Kong Xuan. Besides, what qualifications do you have to question me? A person with the strength of an army should quickly call him master, otherwise there will be no mercy, and the entrance will be the end. ”
There was nothing more to say, the battle started directly on the spot.
Lin Ran is indeed a bit “noble” and wants to fight Kong Xuan alone and keep the other two from intervening for the time being.
She stands in the fragments of time, with the breath of time all over her body, as if she is beyond time and space. It is true that all things are mortal, but she and time will last forever.
With a slight wave of her hand, there was a dazzling light between heaven and earth. It was the power of time, shocking people’s hearts. If it touched the living beings, it would directly cause them to decay in the passage of time.
Wang Xuan deliberately tested it, and with a snap of his fingers, a galaxy flower flew over from the edge of the dojo. Instead of withering slowly, it turned into dust in an instant, as if it had been deprived of thousands of years of time.
/He became cautious, not because he was afraid of this woman, but because he valued the Taoist True Saint