hundred moves were made.

Amidst the sound of clanking swords, the black void left the crisscross, and the white light visible to the naked eye split into gaps.
In this intertwined void like a chessboard, the Heavenly Sword is full of flaws and is threatening to be shattered.
Like his master, he practiced the art of abandoning the sword, took the path of integrating man and sword, and never looked back on the road of extreme flow.
The result was that an ordinary Mahayana monk would cut him in half with a single sword. If he didn’t break, he would cut him again.
What’s worse is that the Heavenly Sword has lost its exquisite style and is no longer as smooth as a cloud. Facing an even more extreme powerhouse, there is almost no room to fight back.
boom! boom! boom
Lu Bei raised his long hair and staggered facing the front. Qi Shandu, who dared to turn his back to him, whipped his body and legs out, adding a broken buttocks to the flaws all over his body.
[You defeated Qi Xanadu and gained 1 billion experience]
It’s not doubled, it turns out your level is not high!
Lu Bei did not choose to kill him, but it was a pity that he only had one billion experience points. Yan Xiaoshuang was mainly responsible for this.
If she hadn’t taken a sip of milk on her own initiative, her defeat rating would have been higher.
Thinking of this, Lu Bei looked at the red monk: “Master, I’ve been waiting for a long time. The Heavenly Sword has been defeated. It’s your turn to pass away.”
/The red monk clasped his hands together and witnessed Qi Shangdu’s disastrous defeat. He knew that it was impossible to resist his speed and magical powers, so he chanted scriptures and began to stack his armor.
The sound of Zen was faint, and a strong wind gradually rose in the void.
But what the golden light blew was not compassion, but a sea of ??thick, foul-smelling blood. Amidst the billowing redness, a golden Buddha slowly rose.
/In the filthy sea of ??blood, the golden body is incorruptible.
Lu Bei nodded secretly. This method may seem evil, but it is similar to his “The Eclipse Demon Buddha Speaks of the Infinite Heart Sutra”. It carries the misery on oneself and follows the path of “If I don’t go to hell, who else will.”
Thinking of this, he felt doubtful.
Logically speaking, a monk with great compassion like the red monk has long abandoned fame, wealth and vanity and should not appear here.
Everyone can use the grievances of the previous generation to explain it. The red monk is obviously a bit redundant. Is it really that he has a dull head and cannot understand his thoughts? He just wants a fat beating to relax his muscles?
At this moment, the strange and pale face of the paper man flashed through his mind.
Lu Bei still retained his original opinion. This mysterious man was very problematic.
Above the sea of ????blood, the glazed golden light is immeasurable.
As the monk in red recited the scriptures, countless tadpole characters appeared on the golden body of the Buddha, and the secrets of Buddhism were reveal