brain to feel numb, and his ears could no longer hear anything.

But this was nothing. What was fatal was that Wei Xiaobei was like a red-eyed bull. With a bang, he pushed against Kakon’s right leg and rushed into Kakon’s arms.
/Damn it!
Stomp your legs, pump your air, and get energetic!
All the strength in his body was instantly concentrated on his shoulders, and he hit Kakong’s chest fiercely!
Click click click click!
The stuck man couldn’t even get into a blocking position, so he felt a huge force knocking him over. After that, he felt pain in his chest, and the sound of his ribs and collarbone breaking immediately sounded. After that, his vision went dark, and he didn’t know anything anymore.
Just like that, the stuck hole was like a kite that had lost its string. It spurted out a mouthful of blood and flew back.
Wei Xiaobei’s attack was so fierce that he reached the peak after practicing Bajiquan.
In an instant, Kakong crossed a distance of more than 20 meters from the ring and crashed into the iron cage with a crash.
What made the audience speechless for a moment was that Ka Kong’s body even hit the iron cage and bulged outward. When Ka Kong fell from the iron cage with blood flowing along the gravity, the iron cage was At the impact, a human figure suddenly appeared.
Seeing this scene, Liu Jiancheng, who was sitting in the audience watching the game, couldn’t help but widen his eyes.
Although Liu Jiancheng had some confidence in his junior brother, when his junior brother was pressed and beaten by the opponent before, he was also worried about his junior brother.
But looking at it now, I think I was worrying too much.
I didn’t expect that my junior brother’s kung fu would improve by such a rapid pace!
/In Liu Jiancheng’s eyes, just this attack on the iron mountain requires no less than fifteen years of skill!
Seeing that the battle on the ring was over, the small door of the iron cage opened immediately, and four staff members in canvas suits entered the arena with a stretcher. After placing the already deformed hole on the stretcher, they quickly left the cage. Cage, left the black boxing field along the opposite passage.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t know whether Nakakong could be rescued.
But Wei Xiaobei also knew that after his blow, even if the stuck hole could save a life, he might not be able to enter the ring in the future.
This is the fate of a black boxer. Once he succeeds, he will be rich and beautiful, but once he fails, he will lose everything!
However, Wei Xiaobei just sighed for the stuck hole and turned his attention to the attribute panel.
When Wei Xiaobei used the iron mountain to knock the hole out, he felt that his Bajiquan had broken through. This breakthrough was obvious.
But even if he could feel it, Wei Xiaobei still needed to check the attribute panel to make sure.
what happened?
Wei Xiaobei looked at Bajiquan in the attribute panel. Bajiquan was still only the state of mastery, but the color of the four words “comprehensiveness” became darker.
Wei Xiaobei is no long