Weiyang had polished the nine-fold talisman array to this time’s perfection and stability, at this moment, with the violent roar, Chu Weiyang still felt that part of the talisman array was out of control.

It’s not the disharmony between Tao and Law, but the fact that in the face of the same powerful force, or even an even more explosive moment, some details of the talisman formation are doomed to go out of control.
And when the next moment, Chu Weiyang waved the flag, and brought all the nine stacks of talisman formations back into his magical control, when he looked again, what was swirling on the entire jade altar had already changed. It became an array of ten stacks of talismans!
The newly transformed talisman array is the color of the blood flame brewed in the dragon’s leap!
At that moment, I don’t know whether it was the blood flame that ignited the wisp of smoke, or whether the wisp of smoke swallowed the power of the blood flame and resurrected its own arrogance from the dead.
The appearance of blood flames has already disappeared around the body of this beast. The flames and smoke are mixed together, but what is also eliminated is the original white color of the smoke, and then wait for the next moment. All the majestic meanings When it dispersed, what appeared in Zhu Xiu’s eyes was a red-hot, almost boiling, red smoke mist.
When you look carefully, you can see that the auras inside are as numerous as the number of stars. The auras are intertwined with each other. As the smoke and mist rolls around, they reveal the same extremely numerous dragon patterns. These seal patterns seem to be constantly “flowing” in the mist. Then, as they circled and whirled, they also intertwined and resonated with each other, as if a dragon pattern array was truly revealed!
This is not Jiaolong’s involvement in this field.
Rather, it is a pure reflection of the body’s heels and blood!
Just like the monks of the Huanghua Sect cultivating the magic power of a true dragon, and finally manifesting the five-color dragon appearance, still with overlapping scales and armor, carrying the five-element array, many times, the Tao and the Dharma repeatedly appear under the extremely mysterious appearance. It’s the same, or it’s the principle of reaching the same destination through different paths!
/At least at this moment, Chu Weiyang, who has fully mastered the nine-fold talisman array again, can sense the red haze talisman array illuminated by the dragon, and can clearly see that each dragon pattern rolled up in the blood-colored mist can be compared with Reflected by the animal’s own scales!
A dragon-patterned talisman is a piece of scale armor on this animal!
The order in which the talismans and seals intertwine and resonate with each other is also the order in which the scales and armor on the animal’s body overlap.
Furthermore, there are no seal patterns twisting and turning in the mist at all. Everything is just the reflection of this animal flying and turning in the blood-colored mist!
Moreover, this beast’s choice