bought the coffin, he took the remaining money to drink flowers. Yue Lingshan was so disappointed with the wine that she lay in the coffin dejectedly.

Lin Pingzhi also hid in a coffin to avoid being hunted. In this narrow space, a man and a woman inevitably came into physical contact, forming a bad bond and causing a tragedy for the entire Huashan sect.
/“Why is this coffin in that temple?” Shangguan Dandan pushed the cover halfway and sat inside without climbing out immediately.
“Who knows? It’s not necessary to say that they wanted to make the video more realistic. The coffin weighs more than 2,000 kilograms, and only twenty or thirty strong young men can’t carry it up the mountain.” Liu Changan thought for a while, “Or maybe they should take it slowly first. Transport the wood up there and let the carpenters make the coffin in the temple.”
“I suspect that this is the coffin of the ancient witch they are talking about. This ancient witch is just like me. Because it is very weak, it has to hide in such a closed environment to feel safe. Now its coffin has been snatched away by us. It must be very sad.” Shangguan Dandan suddenly felt sad when he thought about losing his little coffin. He could also feel the same way when the ancient wizard lost his little coffin.
“Send this coffin back.” Shangguan Dandan climbed out.
Liu Changan was too lazy to pay attention to her and went back upstairs to sleep with the chain saw.
Shangguan Dandan stood beside the coffin, put down the thermos bottle, then grabbed the edge of the coffin with both hands, squatted with his legs slightly apart and squatted in a horse stance to facilitate his strength, gritted his teeth and tried to lift the coffin. Since the moth refused to run again, then It can only be done by the kind-hearted Queen Mother.
Oops, I don’t have the strength to move it, so I tried my best.
Shangguan Dandan hugged his thermos bottle and jumped up and down to catch up with Liu Changan’s back.
Liu Changan walked to the door of his room, Shangguan Dandan followed him holding up his skirt, and then reached out to take back the chainsaw that Liu Changan was holding.
“I almost forgot to return it to you.” Liu Changan said sheepishly.
“Then I’ll let you play.” Shangguan said generously.
Liu Changan looked at her suspiciously, and then slowly shook his head, because if Shangguan Dandan really wanted to give him the chainsaw, he wouldn’t have taken it back at all.
Just like when many people collect lucky money during the Chinese New Year, if the other party really wants to give it to you, they will definitely stuff it into your pocket that you hold open with one hand, instead of saying, “If you want lucky money, I’ll give it to you.”
“No need.” Liu Changan refused, then walked into the room and locked Shangguan Dandan out.
Once bitten by a snake, he has been afraid of well ropes for ten years. Shangguan Dandan has many tricks that he has to guard against.
After all, Liu Changan also has an electric heating table and a computer that Shangguan Dandan covets