ned well and looked at Liu Changan with a mixture of shock and anger.

Liu Changan did not immediately throw Ji into the abandoned well.
“How can you keep your word?” Ji climbed up, his eyes full of fear and anger.
Liu Changan was stunned for a moment, “Isn’t it a matter of course that words don’t count?”
/“You swore to God!” Ji hoped that these Chinese people would at least have a little respect for the “Heaven” they respected so much. As expected, people without faith are not worthy of trust.
/“There is a saying, bitches have their own destiny, I am your destiny.” Liu Changan didn’t care, “I am the destiny, I forgive me for breaking my oath.”
Ji stared at Liu Changan dumbfounded. He had nothing to say. Of course he didn’t accept Liu Changan’s reasons, but he had never seen such a shameless person.
“Now, I have a few questions to ask you. If you answer them, I will let you go.” Liu Changan raised his hand, “I swear to God.”
As soon as Ji turned around, he jumped into the abandoned well.
Liu Changan frowned slightly. He didn’t let him die. How could he make his own decision?
Liu Changan flashed over, grabbed Ji’s calf, lifted him up, found a corner and threw him over.
“You led me here, and then jumped into the well one after another to commit suicide. Are you kidding me?” Liu Changan was disgusted with others treating him like this.
“Pierre was killed by you!”
“He committed suicide in humiliation after being fucked by you.”
“He didn’t commit suicide. If you threw him into the well, did you think I was blind?” Ji felt that he was about to collapse.
“A straight man fell in love with you and then wanted to commit suicide in humiliation. Is this something difficult to understand? I just understood him and supported him. Then I saw that it was not convenient for him to have his hands and feet broken, so I helped him finish it. His will, of course he committed suicide.” Liu Changan looked at Ji with disdain, “I didn’t expect that you not only forced your brother to have his limbs broken, but also insulted his will to die rather than be humiliated. God will not forgive you. ”
Liu Changan has always believed that many countries must believe in God according to the will of the country. In this way, after doing many evil things, they can repent to God. After God forgives, who can hold them accountable? God has forgiven me, why do you accuse me again?
Ji looked at Liu Changan with dull eyes. Is this how a cat plays with a mouse? Key has collapsed.
“What is the purpose of coming to me today?”
“Bring you here, fight with you, and collect your body’s combat data for analysis.”
“What organization do you belong to?”
“Tesla Biomedical Research Center.”
“Oh, Tesla, very famous.”
“This is not the Nikola Tesla Biomedical Research Center.” Ji couldn’t help but show a hint of pride, “We are a research center that is related to Nikola Tesla.”
“Yeah, I didn’t say you sell electric cars. Nikola Tesla is a very powerful person. I seem to know him, but the Nikola Tesla I know is a woman.” Liu Changan thought for a moment.