at time was not called the Huangji Sect.”

“There are more and more children of the Zhu family, and with Zhu He as the leader, a climate is gradually forming in the Huangji Sect.”
“The Huangji Sect counterattacked and fought to the death. All the Emperor’s tribulation period were beheaded. Many of the royal family’s seniors also withered away, and their luck was damaged.”
“The chaos of the civil war ended. Zhu He took charge of the Huangji Sect, changed it to its current name, and vowed to assist the royal family.”
“Later, it became what it is now. Fire and water are incompatible, and no one obeys anyone.”
The boy who slays the dragon eventually becomes the evil dragon. History is a cycle.
Lu Bei nodded, then thought about it, and realized that his evaluation was a bit inappropriate. The Zhu family’s evil dragons were raised by themselves, and they were all named Zhu. In theory, they were fighting within the clan.
“So, if it weren’t for that internal conflict, Wu Zhou would have had more time to overcome the tribulation, right?”
“That’s about right. It’s better than it is now anyway.”
Zhu Xiushi shook his head to dispel the gloom in his heart, and said cheerfully: “Zhu Dao, Zhu Qilan and Zhu Shihan, the young people have all become talents. They can expect to survive the disaster. The Zhu family has survived this disaster.”
You are so generous!
Lu Bei glanced at the profile and nodded secretly. It was pleasing to the eye. It was indeed quite wide.
/“Sect Master Lu is here just to inquire about the past?”
Zhu Xiushi said: “If you are worried about Huangji Sect’s conspiracy, there is no need. We have more people to bully and fewer people. If we fight alone one on one, there are still two onlookers.”
After saying that, she added that in the last fierce battle on Qi Yan’s front line, Zhu Xian was beaten over by the Ten-Eyed Demon. Now he peed his shoes even when he was on the kang. Emperor Ji Sect could only fight two tribulation periods. Not enough to be afraid of.
“If you say that, this sect leader will feel relieved.”
“How is it possible? Given the current predicament of the Emperor Ji Sect, if we don’t resist, we will be eaten alive by the royal family sooner or later. If this sect leader is them, they would rather harm others than themselves, and let the royal family suffer as well.” Lu Bei used himself to save others, and the more he The more you think about it, the more sense it makes.
“If your mind is not right, everything you see will be distorted.”
“What did you say?”
“Sect Master Lu has a simple mind and is one of the most benevolent people in the world.” Zhu Xiushi said with a serious face.
“Shameless, you can tell such nonsense.”
Lu Bei showed contempt, put away the fishing rod and said: “Let’s go and settle the bill. It’s time for your old Zhu family’s treasure house to spread your legs to this sect.”
“What’s wrong? Can’t you?”
“Of course not. The Luck Golden Dragon is still there. If you snatch half of it away, wouldn’t I become Wu Zhou’s eternal sinner?” Zhu Xiushi