ions, and some powerful teams formed by joining forces, and some are composed of casual cultivators.

Organizing a team to explore hell is a hot topic recently.
Because, there are recent rumors that there are many mythical fruits in hell, waiting for people to pick them, including legendary medicines and lost secret books, which often involve the realm of strangers and true saints.
There is even a very strange person who clearly said that there are holy objects in hell.
Moreover, some large organizations and even people from the Outer World True Saint Dojo showed up and purchased various special items produced in hell at high prices.
These are all recent events. How can it not be hotly discussed in the supernatural world? Hell has gradually attracted the attention of all parties and will become a focus topic that cannot be avoided in the future.
“Everyone, you don’t need to bring anything with you on your trip to hell, but you must join the Extraordinary Secret Network. This business must be handled in time to ensure that you don’t lose contact. Even if something goes wrong, you can still be with your family at the last moment, Say your final farewell to the master. On weekdays, you can even learn about the latest consultations and avoid the dangers of hell.”
Of course, the extraordinary signal delay is terrifying.
Wang Xuan looked at the mobile phone. It refused to install those messy apps, but it should be able to forcibly steal the secret network, right?
The mobile phone said: “All you need now is a pot. There are some rare things in Hell that are difficult to cook, such as the legs of aliens. Go to the Heavenly Dining Hall and borrow one.”
“I don’t eat people!” Wang Xuan emphasized.
“Who told you to eat people? I’m talking about old zombie meat.”
“I won’t even eat it!” Wang Xuan refused.
“The great medicine under the frozen soil cannot be cooked in an ordinary pot.”
Finally, Wang Xuan went to the edge of the extraordinary sea of ??light, met the cook again, and borrowed a pitch-black pot.
The cook looked at him, a little sad, and said take care. According to what he said, this pot has sent away so many young and promising talents that he has lost count.
When Wang Xuan heard this, he almost put the blame on the mobile phone.
In the end, the mobile phone miraculous object led the way and took Wang Xuan to hell.
Most of the roads leading to hell are in other places, and each major true saint’s ashram has its own secret road.
Additionally, there are two in the Origin Sea.
And in the depths of the universe, there are several deserted areas. Although they are extremely remote and remote, there is definitely a way to go.
/This is an extremely dark area with sparse starlight, which is the faint light coming from the deep space far away.
There seemed to be no stars here, it was absolutely quiet and dead. As we moved forward, the fog became so thick that we couldn’t even see our fingers.
The atmosphere on the road to hell is really not that bad. Wang Xuan is on guard and moves forward cautiously.