e super limit breaker who became the “Prowler”.

“This is a rare opportunity. We have opened up all those dojos. No one will disturb us now. We can try it. If we really want to use our demon court’s former limit-breakers who have the qualifications of true saints for our own purposes, we will be able to travel unimpeded in this area in the future. , breaking the limit five times, the former face-level descendant of my Demon Court!”
Wu Chengdao looked solemn, with a fiery light in his eyes.
The Demon Court has always had “arrangements” for its disciples who enter hell. For this reason, it specially asks the disciples to practice a strange skill, which causes marks to be left on the body.
If such people fall into hell and become prowlers, many years later, when newcomers from the Demon Court encounter them again, they may be able to control them by activating the mark.
If it succeeds this time, Demon Court will regain an ace fighter who has broken the level limit 5 times and will sweep this area.
Wu Chengdao was not impulsive. They had been operating in Hell for many years. They accidentally dug up fragments of sacred objects and controlled four strongholds.
In every big city, under the huge city under the imperial city, there are also fragments of holy objects. If obtained and refined, they can interfere with the actions of various monsters in the city.
/Wu Chengdao went on an adventure precisely because he was holding a fragment of a sacred object.
A middle-aged man said: “The fragments of the sacred object can interfere with ordinary monsters in the city, but they are probably ineffective against those who have broken the limit five times. Don’t forget that the frontman of our demon court died in the same level. In my hand, there should be other prowlers or terrifying monsters that have broken the limit 5 times.”
“No, I got the latest feedback. My great-uncle helped me carefully check various information within the Demon Court and found that a monster in Tianluan City was destroyed in the late last era, and there is also a prowler who has broken the limit 5 times. It was completely crushed at the end of the first century, and now there are only the peerless true immortals of our Demon Court.”
/Wu Chengdao was slightly excited, the light in his eyes was as bright as the blazing sun, and he wanted to recruit a terrifying and powerful man with true holy qualifications for their use.
“You are sure that there are only super limit-breakers from our Demon Court? God helps our Demon Court!”
Others are also tempted. Who can resist this? If he controls that person, he will be able to run rampant in this area in the future. Who can stop him?
Of course, there are also people who are worried that something might happen. The safest way is to wait until the main force of the Demon Court truly enters hell before taking action.
After all, their main task is to collect all kinds of information and explore paths.
However, now more than 80% of the great demons have nodded in agreement. Who is willing to miss such a great a