ture belonging to the senior brother of the Tattoo Palace.

Fudao Niu roared, his whole body glowed, chaotic matter emerged, and a picture appeared in an instant.
This picture does not have any earth-shattering momentum. When unfolded, it is very quiet and mysterious.
It turned out to be a study room, very hazy, with a vague figure sitting there, whispering something to another standing person.
/On the desk, there is an inkstone, a seal, and a pen. Everything is hazy and cannot be seen clearly.
It is very much like the original body of the Dark Sky Heart, an object once seen in the mother universe.
He realized that the study, those two people, and those objects most likely belonged to the Old Saint Era!
However, those people have passed away and should have died in the old era. What can be done to get him?
Wang Xuan ignored it and went all out, wanting to kill one person and one cow first and solve the problem from the source.
“Why doesn’t the Dao Yun of the Tiantu recover? No!” Mu Qingyun looked pale and a little desperate, and the tattoo did not fluctuate.
He and Fudaoniu fought together in a full-scale confrontation. However, after Wang Xuan’s fist exploded, his body was covered with cracks and he could no longer hold up.
Wang Xuan stood not far away and blew on him gently. With a pop, he was broken into pieces.
Even if he had the resurrection talisman, it wouldn’t work. Wang Xuan took it away with the wordless true meaning.
Mu Qingyun’s body and soul were destroyed!
“Ah” outside the city, the Supreme Being from the Tattoo Palace yelled, his heart aching to the point of bleeding. He was a 5-time limit breaker. Although he had flaws, he was able to make up for them and was killed just like that.
This kind of loss is too great for the Tattoo Palace.
Others were also shocked. The explorers and photographers were all frightened and reflecting at the same time. Earlier, they praised Mu Qingyun without hesitation, but now it seems that they actually responded to their words and really praised Mu Qingyun, but it was Kong Xuan’s doing.
At this time, the study came to life, even Mu Qingyun was killed, but it became alive. There were traces of chaotic energy coming out of the inkstone and square seals in the room, and the two people seemed to be alive and opened their eyes.
The study revived and became clearer, but there was also a very dangerous energy flowing. The two blurry figures opened their eyes and looked outside.
It was very quiet and hazy there. The pen, ink, paper, inkstone, etc. on the desk all exuded a trace of chaos, and the dim bookshelf was also vaguely visible.
/During this process, Wang Xuan kicked Fudao Niu, fearing that it would take the opportunity to escape. Not long ago, it was almost cut in half, and now it is even more cracked.
“Moo!” Fudao Niu roared, unable to resist, exhausted. After activating this heavenly map, the Taoist charm it carried was almost drained away.
The two people sitting in the study are unfathomable. Even if they are only in the tattoo picture, they still give