f the funeral in the park are flying across the sky

The white rose I gave you withered in the pure black environment
/The crow is eerily quiet on the branch
Listen quietly to my black coat, I want to warm your increasingly cold memories of the life you have passed.
Ah~ there is mist all around
Ah ~ I’m in an empty cemetery
I will still love you when I grow old. ”
Lin Yuan sat in front of the piano and gently closed his eyes.
As the keys fell again and again, the folded hammer knocked down the strings, and the black and white keys fell back and forth with Lin Yuan’s ten fingers.
The singing paused slightly.
/The painted body reflects streamlined light!
Gu Xi was also at the scene and had not yet left.
The scene in the Golden Hall is of course golden.
But at this moment, this golden touch is blooming in the song “Nocturne”!
Whether it’s because I was really attracted by this piece of music and stopped, or it was a herd mentality, or it was just because the door was blocked by some stopped spectators, in short, one indisputable fact is:
The closing track did not let the Golden Hall end!
On the contrary, everyone’s listening attitude was as if it were a formal performance!
This made Gu Xi feel a huge gap.
She only thought that the end-of-show performance was a waste time in the Golden Hall. No audience would care at all, and everyone would just leave one after another amid the music.
What happened today completely overturned Gu Xi’s understanding of garbage time!
It turns out that the off-show repertoire can also be turned into a formal performance?
Maybe only he can turn the break time into his own concert and attract all the audience!
Not scientific at all!
For the Golden Hall, today’s end-of-show performance is definitely one of the most special stages.
Listening to Xianyu’s singing and piano, some people can’t help but think of the two “Nocturnes” that Xianyu performed in the Golden Hall today.
Very strange association.
This song has nothing to do with the two previous classical piano songs called “Nocturne”, and there is not even the slightest similarity in melody, but it expresses a feeling of having the same purpose but with different tunes.
Like a minor tune?
A very sad ditty.
This is an immersive experience. Some people may have sat down again not long after they stood up, but they forgot this action and the melody echoed in their ears.
Some people are tired of standing and choose to sit down.
As a result, this person’s butt had just touched the chair when suddenly his whole body was electrocuted and his butt landed firmly on the chair!
“Play Chopin’s Nocturne for you
In memory of my dead love
A sound like the night wind
Heartbroken sounds good
Hands typing piano on keyboard
The thoughts I give you are very careful
The place where you are buried is called the underworld. ”
Play Chopin’s “Nocturne” for you?
Who Chopin is may not be the question that everyone is most concerned about at the moment.
Everyone was just surprised by th