that she resented, but also the excessive sentencing and lack of separation of powers. What she thought of The unexpected things were written clearly by Yang Jian one by one.

Hands shaking.
Something was roaring in my head.
The fourth princess turned the pages faster and faster, but she didn’t read the words at all. She just flipped through the pages frantically, trying to give herself something to do.
so much.
Not enough to take a closer look.
When she finally calmed down, her eyes fell on the stack of paper that Yang Jian had been writing on recently.
She forgot that she had no body. After taking a deep breath, she picked up a page and read it aloud, but then the paper fell from her hand and she was stunned.
Inside the Kunlun Mirror.
Follow the picture.
Chen Xiang and others also saw the writing on the paper.
That is clearly a new rule of law!
Chen Xiang read a few paragraphs and then couldn’t read any more.
Because he was once very close to Yang Jian, but he never cared about what Yang Jian was writing.
If he could have taken a look, would everything have been different?
The reflected n+1 scenes continue.
Yang Jian appeared quietly, looked at the fourth princess, and said softly: “I’m sorry.”
The fourth princess asked: “Why?”
Yang Jian’s face was full of exhaustion.
The fourth princess burst into tears.
From that day on, there was often a woman weeping silently sitting in a room in the True King’s Palace. Even though Yang Jian, who was accustomed to pretending to be indifferent, never paid attention to her, she refused to be resurrected and insisted on staying in the True King’s Palace. This way to accompany and compensate Yang Jian.
The past is still reflected!
Yang Jian is the absolute protagonist in the second half!
One by one!
Everything happens for a reason!
For example, Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie accepted Agarwood as their disciples because of Yang Jian’s planning and verbal camera. He expected that with the character of Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie, they would not be able to bear to see Agarwood being persecuted by him!
It turns out.
He succeeded.
It’s all Yang Jian’s plan!
In Zhao Jue’s room.
As scenes from the past emerged, I don’t know when, there was a continuous sound of sobbing!
In front of the computer.
Under the light of the screen.
Zhao Jue’s eyes were completely red and swollen into the shape of walnuts!
It was Zhao Jue who was crying.
And on her desktop.
Countless paper towels were all crumpled into balls, almost covering the entire table!
Zhao Jue didn’t even know how many episodes she had watched in one go!
She only knew that her heart seemed to be broken, it was a heartbreaking feeling, and the tears were flowing down as if they were free of money!
Torn pain!
Heartbroken from the soul!
Zhao Jue knew that although Yang Jian would be vindicated in the later stages of “Lotus Lantern”, she had been worried
Will the audience accept the reversal?
Is the plot convincing enough?
Will the audience feel that this is forced whitewashing?
It wasn’t un