following him, casually walked to an open space covered with animal skins in the bark house and sat down.

following him, casually walked to an open space covered with animal skins in the bark house and sat down.
Then he shouted loudly to the native servants who were guarding outside the house, and respectfully presented the fragrant barbecue, fresh fruits and fine wine.
“Li Sheng. If you are the ‘mascot’, I am the ‘mouthpiece’.
After opening up the situation, the federation still needs to discuss the formal terms of the agreement with the federation’s negotiators and the Wu Li leaders.” After several days of close contact, Afterwards, Alison seemed to have regained the enthusiasm for the young man that she had when they explored the ‘World of Sea Shrimp No. 2’ together. After the native handyman left, she sat down next to him and joked.
Then he solemnly reported to the Federation Lieutenant General: “General Mongria, the Wuli people require the establishment of an ‘offensive and defensive alliance’ strategic alliance with the Federation; mutual opening of borders, removal of military threats; trade liberalization…”, A dozen conditions were stated in succession.
“Are these conditions put forward by the natives? This is incredible, Major. They were still in primitive society not long ago!” Monglia said in surprise after hearing this.
And when he said this sentence. The space carrier’s chief staff officer, who was accustomed to sitting cross-legged next to him, glanced at the young man aside from the corner of his drunken eyes as if unintentionally. By chance, he saw Zhang Lisheng holding a wine glass and shrugged, and answered first: “With the right soil, it doesn’t take long for the social system to evolve by leaps and bounds, general.
Many indigenous tribes in the earth’s tropical rainforests have been After the discovery of the civilized world, didn’t it just progress directly from primitive society to civilized society? What’s more, the ‘Wuli’ also have the guidance of the gods.” ”
Dr. Li Sheng is right, General, these Wu Li people have a very good ability to accept new things. Strong, they are not stupid at all.” Alison agreed.
Mongolia was silent for a while and whispered, “Of course I know that the Wuli people are not stupid. This can be seen from the powerful equipment of those dwarf warriors armed to the teeth…”, suddenly his interest waned. Talk more.
Ten seconds later, the atmosphere in the silent tree house became inexplicably solemn, and the federal officers all looked at each other with sullen faces. No one said anything, but Zhang Lisheng finally raised the golden wine glass with a smile and said loudly: “No matter what, General Mongoria, we have successfully completed our mission. The
/remaining problems are left to the politicians in the White House.” Think about it.
Here’s to you and all the brave federal soldiers.”
“Thank you, doctor, and I respect you too.” The federal lieutenant general smiled stiffly and raised his glass as well, “Thank you for all your contributions to America.
God bless the United States. ”
“God bless the United States.” The federal officers in