In the culture of the land people, a noble throwing his scabbard at the feet of another noble means an invitation to a fight to the death. Zhang Lisheng heard about this custom during a chat and couldn’t help but be surprised. Looking back.
When he saw clearly that the sturdy man behind him, who was wearing a straight blue military uniform and a livid face during the masquerade, looked like the businesswoman’s lover Caimanluo, he couldn’t help but be slightly startled, and then he realized that it was very possible It was his speech at dinner yesterday that was leaked, which aroused his hatred.
/If Caimanluo was provoked like this in normal times, the young man wouldn’t mind giving him an unforgettable lesson, but at this time, the ‘Pi Qiong Dagger’ was just around the corner, but Zhang Lisheng had no intention of getting entangled with some ridiculous misunderstandings and smiled silently. , turned his head and continued to look at the ceiling.
It’s a pity that trouble will not go away easily once it is found. Zhang Lisheng’s careless smile fell in Caimanluo’s eyes, making him even more furious. However, relying on his deep nature and good cultivation, the city defense officer did not lose his mind, but forced himself to Holding back the boiling anger, he squeezed out a sentence through his teeth, “If you don’t accept the identity of my scabbard, then you’d better understand the difference between superiority and inferiority.
Don’t try to get a ‘treasure’ that you don’t deserve.” He As soon as he finished speaking, someone next to him suddenly said with disdain: “The difference between high and low. Isn’t the only criterion for distinguishing between nobility and lowliness in ‘Cataman’ the amount of wealth? From this perspective, I really can’t think of anything else.” The treasure cannot be possessed by His Excellency Li Sheng.”
/When Caimanluo heard this, his teeth chattered and he looked in the direction of the sound, staring at a man wrapped in thin silk embroidered with falling petals, full of exotic The charming and beautiful woman asked in a cold voice: “Niya. Ms. Kefunt, do you want Mermaid Trading Company to lose my friendship and the friendship of the entire Horton family?”
“Caymanro City Defense Officer, you Why do you say that? I was just stating a fact.” The woman smiled and walked to Zhang Lisheng, “Your Excellency Li Sheng, we meet again…” ”
Look, midnight is coming soon.” Zhang Lisheng said inexplicably After Niya finished speaking, Youyou said.
“Yes, the new year is coming soon…” The woman chuckled and nodded. She was about to test the young man in a few words, but suddenly Zhang Lisheng’s raised profile slowly began to show his majesty. Choking with ferocity.
At the same time, in the projection on the ceiling of the hall, the ‘Ocean Goddess’ and the ‘Emperor of the Three Seas’, who had already reached the top of the cliff, held up torches and strolled to an ancient copper chandelier that was more than three people tall and covered with blue rust spots. In front of the b