‘t say anything, but everyone else understood what he didn’t say.

The reclusive master hides his identity and wanders around. Generally speaking, there is only one possibility, that is, he has reached the pinnacle of the master, seeks a breakthrough, and hopes to reach the realm of a great master.
Grandmasters are not uncommon, but skill masters whose peak master level is close to that of a grand master are rare.
Several people looked at me and I looked at you. Although no one spoke, they already understood each other tacitly.
When Hull returned to the room, he clearly felt that the atmosphere was different. Except for that elf, everyone else was more or less following his lead.
The number of people never increased, and at night there were still only nine of them. This was already the last day, which meant that only nine of them would be able to enter Jinghai City who were not masters.
After freshening up, they were taken to the pier by the waiter. There was a boat there, and the cabin was covered so tightly that they couldn’t see the outside scene at all. No one knows where they will be taken.
The ship had been sailing on the sea, going very fast, and the sound of running water told Hull that the ship’s speed was more than thirty knots. It took about three hours to travel at such a fast boat speed.
When the nine people came out of the boat, what they saw in front of them was the frame of a palace floating in mid-air.
When he saw this thing, the first thing Hull thought of was the Essi Temple of Life that Gothe mentioned in his notes. It was also built in the air, but it floated much higher than the one in front of him.
Gothe once verified that the Temple of Life was built in the middle period of the Essi Civilization. It seems that the magic civilization in this world is close to this level. It’s just that it hasn’t reached the point where the Hunting Angel digs out the core and uses it to create an eternal magic furnace.
Hel clearly felt that it was still Yuanli that made the palace in front of him float in the air. But he was a little confused, where did he get so much energy that allowed the emperor of the Gexia Empire to squander it so much?
“A city in the sky. What Surunaba wants to build is not a palace at all, but a city in the sky.” Gnome Qiu looked up at the sky and murmured to himself.
“The Gesha Empire is so generous. It seems that they will soon challenge a certain guardian country.” The elf sighed.
The only person who doesn’t care about all this is Hel. He is not from this world. Even if a world war breaks out here, it has nothing to do with him.
/“This is just a corner of the city in the sky. It should be a side palace.” The most knowledgeable among the nine people was the pure-blood elf Karl. According to his own introduction, he was already 315 years old.
“The Gesha Empire deceived so many master-level technicians to come here. Isn’t it because they need free labor?” The words spoken by the half-elf girl were also somewhat naive.
/“The population of the Gexia Empire exceeds 80 million,