y.” The person who answered the question was named Lapo, who was the person in charge of the intelligence management of the trading bank.

“Take out the detailed report. Until now, I still don’t know what’s going on.”
Old Hank was still roaring.
/Labo hesitated for a moment, but in the end he stretched out his hand. With the tip of his finger, a light curtain appeared out of thin air. Everything that happened in the market was revealed to everyone again, although the image was not clear. , the person who recorded this video should be relatively far away, but the general situation can still be known.
Looking at this video, everyone around was stunned.
“I can’t believe that we lost so many people and brought the entire business to a standstill just because of this.” Someone jumped up immediately next to him.
“Those people are trying to establish their authority. They must be trying to knock us or someone else off. Look at it. All the people who died are our people. They haven’t lost anything. What’s the need to attack us continuously after this?” And killed so many of us,” another man yelled.
“This is obvious. There is a group of people who want to establish themselves here. It can be seen that they have little money and no foundation here. At this time, a group of idiots under us provoked them, and they simply used us to establish a foothold here. Power.
/“If my guess is correct, they definitely hope to lure out our enemies and then form an alliance with our enemies so that they can get help and support from our enemies. The question is, how should we respond now? “Finally someone thought of a real idea.
“The question is, who can tell me where the forbidden objects in the hands of those people come from? If these forbidden objects are provided by our enemies who are allied with them, then they are just a group of desperadoes, but if the forbidden objects are If they create it themselves, then this is not a group of desperadoes, but a very powerful organization.”
Little Hank looked at Labo as he spoke. Obviously, the only one who could give the answer was the head of the Intelligence Department.
Labo was in a very difficult position. His difficulty was not that there was no information, but that there was a lot of information, but he did not investigate it in advance.
After a series of high-level officials were assassinated, he quickly asked people to go to the mercenary office to buy information. He originally thought it would take a lot of time, but he didn’t expect that the mercenary office had already prepared the information, and it was not something that was difficult to keep secret at all. The problem can be easily seen from some of the tasks those people took on in the mercenary union.
“The forbidden items in the hands of those people should have been made by themselves. They took eighteen orders from the mercenary union, all of which were items manufacturing tasks of level seven or above. It took them more than a week to complete them. Eighteen orders have been completed, and the completion is almos