aring they paid to him was that they gave him several bowls of “poisonous chicken soup” during special periods, which almost made him choke and almost roll his eyes. By that time, he had already risen.

It wasn’t until Zhao Qinghan gave birth to a pair of children and a evil spirit wanted to possess Wang Ye and Wang Xin that they couldn’t help but secretly take action, causing the powerful No. 81 mechanical body to crash directly from the clouds, a very ridiculous way to die. Even so, the two did not reveal their identities as strangers.
From the beginning to the end, Wang Xuan grew up on his own, and he was also very simple in mentality. He gathered the chaebol’s secret library of classics, and together with Chen Yongjie, he traveled across the new stars, fought monsters, searched for rare treasures and scriptures, and rose from the grassroots. , then to the bloody battle with the evil dragon, and the near-death encounter with Shang Yi.
It wasn’t until Wang Xuan was destined to travel far and leave the mother universe that Wang Zesheng and Jiang Yun took him to the “Land of Lawlessness” to have a look and talk to him about supernatural matters.
Sometimes, when Wang Xuan looks back, he is speechless for a while. His roots are really extraordinary. However, he has never realized that being left alone all the time is like a grassroots. He has to constantly find opportunities on his own to find a way out.
Now, it’s not that he wants to pretend to be thirteen, but that things have forced him to this point.
Originally a cold-blooded and cruel place like the Bronze Arena, the only thing that was reassuring was that the fighting on the field relied on one’s own strength and it was a fair duel.
As a result, a stranger appears and can intervene in the fight!
The stranger ended up secretly compromising with each other. Wang Xuan saw that at that height, there was really no control in the sea of ??stars.
This gave him a serious sense of crisis. If the old peacock had not appeared, the consequences of this incident would have been unpredictable.
Now, Chen Gu asked him about his background, and there was a strange object to verify whether what he said was true, so he simply told some truth to scare him.
He did this to avoid “misjudgment” by all parties. For example, when Chen Gu saw his outstanding performance and wanted to explore, for example, after leaving this place, Lao Zhulong was cruel and slapped him secretly and killed him quietly.
Putting aside prohibited items, it is too easy for aliens to be superior and to obliterate true immortals and others.
In the vast universe, Old Zhulong opened his eyes, and the dim world, from the sea of ??stars to this small world, became bright again.
/He did not speak, but a certain sense of depression in Wang Xuan’s heart receded like a tide. Naturally, his words had a great effect.
In the endless deep sky, the huge black peacock nodded slightly to this side.
/Chen Gu thought deeply and thought for a while, but he didn’t guess the identity of his parents. Moreover, the fact th