appeared directly beside Yu Feiyun.

“Secret method of space?”
Seeing this secret method, Taoist Jingyue and Master Qianlei’s expressions changed.
This was the first time they had seen Han Bao use this ability.
Is this the new ability awakened by Drought Demon? Or maybe this drought monster has always been hiding.
However, Yu Feiyun’s face remained unchanged. The colored silk around her body danced like a dragon and snake. The seals in her hands seemed to have thousands of talismans blooming from her body, like a blazing red lotus blooming.
Looking carefully, the thousands of talismans deep in the Fiery Red Lotus are actually a perfect combination. Although each talisman is only at the Yin God level, they coordinate with each other and cooperate with the power of her soul magic weapon Qianji Cai Ling to bloom with power. It is actually not weaker than the Yuanshen Immortal Technique at the golden body level.
The red light bloomed, and in an instant the fiery red lotus was suddenly torn apart by a terrifying sharp claw.
But when he touched the inner layer of the extremely soft Qianji Cai Ling, it was blown away by the Cai Ling.
/This female cultivator made full use of the power of Cai Ling’s field control magic weapon, but even so, her figure was like a cannonball, and was blown away by the huge force of the drought demon.
In the void, a terrifying Han Demon wearing red iron armor, tall and tall, with blood-red eyes glanced coldly at the direction where Yu Feiyun was flying, and a trace of surprise flashed in its eyes.
According to its own understanding, its power is completely beyond the ability of this female nun to resist.
This punch containing the power of the earth was enough to beat the opponent into a meat pie, but the opponent actually managed to remove most of its power.
At the same time, its ears twitched slightly and it glanced behind it.
At this time, two streams of light behind him, one red and one blue, appeared in an instant. The two were intertwined, like two lines in a spiral structure, increasing each other’s strength.
That force achieves each other’s success, and it’s gone for a moment.
There was a hint of fear in its eyes. The two swords looked ‘very weak’, but the thunder and fire contained inside had a certain restraint effect on it.
/It has suffered losses and does not like that feeling.
Its figure flashed, and instantly turned into a stream of light, falling towards the depths of the earth.
Seeing this scene, the faces of Master Jingyue and Master Qianlei changed, and their eyes were a little embarrassed.
This move again.
This drought demon is the most cunning.
Knowing that there was nothing they could do, the three of them worked together, and would escape to the ground every time, relying on the power of the earth to cover their own energy, waiting for the next opportunity to sneak attack.
They could already feel that the Drought Demon had strengthened a lot after massacring the city several times and absorbing the essence and blood of living beings. If it transformed aga