Bu Gong.

At this time, Wu Huo melted back into three clones in succession, and was covered in flame armor. The armor burned seven kinds of flames, divided into seven colors. Under the seven fires, there was colorless extreme fire. At a glance, As if she were an invincible goddess coming out of the flames.
But Jue Bu Gong was like a bright moon, shining brightly all over his body. On the side, there were countless light rune textures, scorching and shining, exuding the indescribable law of light. The whole person seemed to be the emperor of light.
“This game, I’m afraid, will end in a draw.”
At this moment, Wang Meng suddenly spoke.
Fire Emperor Yuangang was startled, a draw?
It’s hard for these two to be tied after fighting so far, right?
Wuhuo clearly used real fire, and three consecutive spiritual fire clones merged into one body. This was a battle that would never give up without a victory or defeat.
The Water Emperor shook his head slightly, not believing it in his heart, a tie? If the two sides were just competing, it would still be possible, but in the world’s number one dojo where people are practicing face-to-face training, it would be absolutely impossible.
/Wu Huo took the lead and threw out a punch. There was no fire, and it looked like an ordinary blow. However, in the space where Jue Buqi was, countless cracks were opened, but it was directly annihilated.
Jue Buyi, who has transformed into a light person, does not care at all about the power of space annihilation. Light is the strongest guardian. As long as there is light in the world, he will not be afraid. This is the invincibility of light.
Jue Buqian also punched out with an ordinary punch. In front of Hong Wuhuo, the space also exploded, and countless fireflies burst out. However, in an instant, they were burned into little silver ashes by Wuhuo’s colorless flames, and flew down.
strength. It has no effect on the two of them. One side is absolutely immortal, and the other side is absolutely invincible.
/Even the bombardment of law and order has no effect on the two of them. If they continue to fight, they will fight forever. The two may not necessarily be able to tell the winner.
Wu Huo’s eyes were filled with fire, seven kinds of flames, seven kinds of colors, appearing alternately, which was obviously a fire in his heart.
With a gust of wind, Wu Huo’s whole body turned into a colorful fire and rushed towards Jue Bu Gong.
The light exploded. Jue Buqi rushed forward. When tricks, rules and order failed, the only thing that decided the outcome was face-to-face confrontation!
One light and one fire, completely touching each other!
This time, it’s no longer a battle of spells. Even the laws and order disappeared. Instead, the two of them collided directly with their most original spiritual power!
Whoever has a deeper spiritual origin will have the last laugh.
The Fire Emperor and the Water Emperor sighed together, they had expected it to be like this, light and fire. Although they are both invincible and immortal, with Wu Huo’