not an ordinary person.

As his thoughts whirled, Klein looked at it from another angle and had new ideas, gradually becoming less frightened, fearful and frustrated:
“Maybe it’s not the arrangement, but the change I brought about myself.
“Because of the ritual that led to the time travel, I came into contact with the mysterious space above the gray fog, and my destiny was naturally affected. To be more precise, as a visitor from another world, I originally had no destiny here. Now, The trajectory is shaped by one’s own character, the encounter of the original owner, the influence of gray fog, and the surrounding environment.
“The mysterious space above the gray fog is obviously strongly related to the “divineer” path, and the sequence 0 of this path is called the Fool. The reality is that if I divine the current situation, I will inevitably turn out the Fool card.
“Similarly, this also led to my subsequent use of the title Fool.”
/Klein calmed down a little bit and thought this was the most likely reason.
Use a razor to remove all the factors that are currently unknown, and you can still get a reasonable explanation, which shows that the probability is not small. Klein forced himself to pause and think about the questions for which he could not get a definite answer now, and turned his attention back to what happened just now:
“That huge chair and that transparent mass of maggots are what I saw when I was doing divination above the gray mist.
“Judging from the various manifestations that make people’s hair stand on end if you think about it carefully, this is probably an angel on the path of a soothsayer, an angel who lost control and turned into a monster.
“Zarath itself
/“If it’s the former, both Magic Mirror Arrodes and Mercury Snake Will Aucetin confirmed that Zaratul has reached Sequence 1, lost control and went crazy, collapsing into a monster. This is consistent with this and can also be explained. Why just ask to open the door? Because once the secret door is opened and the two sides are connected, they can get rid of the current state and recover bit by bit. The ashes repeatedly emphasized are just a cover.
“But the problem is that the current environment of Zaratul displayed by Magic Mirror Arrodes is not similar to the ancient palace on the mountain, otherwise I would have been able to identify it at the time.
“If that is the angel who barely survives in the Antigonus family, Zaratul, who got the notes during the Russell period and came to the Honakis Mountains to hunt for treasures, suffered a loss and was quietly divided into parts without knowing it. Therefore, he He went crazy during the promotion. This mysterious servant should be in Sequence 1 no matter what. After all, Zaratul was already a Miracle Master at that time.
“From this perspective, Zaratul’s purpose is probably to open the door to connect the history and destiny of the foggy town with the outside world, so that it will no longer be divided.
“No matter what, that group of transparent maggots is most likely an out-of-contro