The local nobles are working together to blockade the northern Xinjiang nobles, but Hudson has not joined them! Without joining, there would be no betrayal.
As a member of the neutral camp, it is logically acceptable to buy and sell goods to both camps.
/It’s different for the thunderous nobles, that’s the lower limit for all kinds of shows. Cruelty, greed, and excessive expropriation can be ignored.
Trapping teammates is just a routine operation; fomenting dissension and asking allies to help with defiance is only considered ordinary.
Secretly colluding with enemies to betray teammates, or even buying enemies to attack allies. Completely unscrupulous practices have all happened.
Scandals that could not be brought to light were all exposed, and ruin was inevitable.
It can be said that Earl Pierce’s elite attack poked at the weakness of many people. Whether it can be slowed down depends on each person’s methods.
However, other problems can be solved, but the loss of reputation is really gone forever.
There are only zero and countless betrayals. Morality is not necessary, but if you violate the rules of the game, you will inevitably be punished by the rules.
As the overlord who has cultivated the southeastern province for hundreds of years, it is not surprising that Earl Pierce can grasp this information. The only thing that puzzled Hudson was why these cards, which could have been used as bargaining chips to blackmail a group of nobles for his own use, had to be played out all at once.
He didn’t think that Earl Pierce really hated evil and would not tolerate such bad things happening in his jurisdiction. If you really want to stop it, you can stop it from the beginning.
“It looks like it should be able to calm down for a while. Hudson, your boy’s life has been really good recently!”
Hearing this familiar voice, Hudson suddenly became enlightened. “Stay quiet for a while.” Earl Pierce wanted the two counties to be stable for a while.
If that’s the motive, then it all makes sense. The nobles with some strength in the two counties were basically beaten up.
Each one of them, more or less, has a disgraceful black history exposed. Just dealing with their own bad things will keep everyone busy for a while, so naturally they have no energy to do other things.
But this kind of operation always gives Hudson a sense of familiarity, as if he has seen it before somewhere.
After hesitating for a while, Hudson suddenly remembered. Where it is just familiar, it is clearly copying the homework.
Similar routines are all leftover from the play of His Majesty Caesar III in the royal capital. When he first succeeded to the throne, a group of nobles were making a lot of noise, and repeated attempts to appease them failed to work.
The furious Caesar III simply overturned the table and put the dark history of the fight between the nobles directly on the table.
The result was of course self-evident. All the nobles were blinded, and they were all too busy wiping their own butts to bother the king.
Although it treats the