ts to invade it.

“So, it is very possible that the old man in Leonard’s body has noticed the power or traces of the gray mist on my body.”
After making this judgment, Klein’s heart suddenly lifted, as if the surroundings were full of dangerous traps.
He kept his prayer movements unchanged, and his eyes did not move under his eyelids. His whole person was calm and reserved, completely consistent with the atmosphere inside the church.
After an unknown amount of time, he stood up slowly, walked to the altar, came to the offering box, and put a total of 50 pounds in banknotes.
Then, as before, he smiled and nodded to the bishop and pastor in charge today, and received a quite friendly response.
Walking out of St. Samuel’s Church, Klein took the hat from Richardson and fed the white pigeons in the square for about ten minutes.
Behind him, believers who had finished praying came out one after another, including Leonard Mitchell.
Klein didn’t look at the main entrance, clapped his hands leisurely, took the gold-encrusted cane, and walked towards the four-wheeled carriage parked nearby.
Leonard also fed the white pigeons in the square and watched the target get on the carriage and leave without any thought of following him.
Since the other party has an ancient aura and has gained the attention of the resident in the body, he certainly does not dare to be careless or take direct action, which would be very dangerous.
He planned to investigate the perimeter first and collect necessary intelligence.
It depends on what the old man says and there is no direction for investigation now. The number of high-end carriages in Backlund is quite limited. Whether it is your own or rented, it is easy to determine the source. Then I will We can know the identity and origin of that gentleman. Leonard looked at the white dove and thought leisurely.
He is a “Nighthawk” with rich experience, and he is also the elite “Red Glove” among the “Nighthawks”
At this moment, a white dove flew over with fluttering wings, seemingly holding a piece of paper in its mouth.
Leonard frowned and stretched out his left palm, watching the white dove lower its height, drop the note, then flap its wings and fly up again.
Raising his hand to hold the piece of paper, Leonard unfolded it cautiously and doubtfully, and saw only two words on it:
Leonard’s pupils suddenly shrank, and he felt all the hairs on his body stand up, and his emotions tended to explode in an instant.
That gentleman saw through my secret
He is worthy of being a person with an ancient aura.
He was warning me not to interfere in his affairs or even get close to him
At this moment, thinking back to the middle-aged gentleman with white hair on the sideburns and deep blue eyes, Leonard Mitchell felt that his every move carried a strong sense of intimidation, making people dare not look directly at him or get close to him.
He immediately lost the idea of ??investigating the other party. Watching the white doves fall at the same time, he lowered his voic