ng his new body to fight that he forgot about a faster way to fight.

David had no intention of completely exposing his powerful spirit, but even if he suppressed his spirit to participate in the battle, it would be easy to kill these third- and fourth-level skeletons.
The skeletons here have third- and fourth-level strength and speed, but have no special abilities. They can only be regarded as extremely ordinary third- and fourth-level close combat capabilities.
The defense power of skeletons obviously does not correspond to the combat power. According to David’s judgment, the defense power of level 4 skeletons is only about level 3, while the defense power of level 3 skeletons is only level 2.
David moved mentally, and ninety-six black spears appeared around him. He suppressed the mental range to about two hundred meters.
The mental range of about two hundred meters is considered very good for a fifth-level Templar, but it is not unacceptable.
Of course, mentally manipulating weapons to attack may be related to David mastering some kind of spiritual magic. As long as this spiritual magic has nothing to do with evil gods, no one will interfere with David’s identity.
Being a top noble and a member of the Supreme Council gave David great benefits.
Ninety-six black spears were constantly shuttling within a radius of 200 meters around David. As long as these skeletons were touched by the black spears, they would be immediately poisoned.
Originally, special existences like third-level and fourth-level skeletons were extremely resistant to poisons. Ordinary poisons could be ignored, but the poison on the black dragon’s spear was more than level five.
Not to mention that these skeletons only have level two or three defenses. Even if a level five strongman is poisoned by the poison on the black spear, he must find a way to get rid of it immediately, otherwise it will be a big trouble.
Within two hundred meters, black light flowed, and the skeletons around David were cleared away in an instant.
Shadow Attendant became even busier, and a large amount of soul energy was absorbed.
David also relaxed. He completely handed over the attack to the ninety-six soul clones, and automatically carried out cooperative battles.
He also had time to distract himself and contact Shadow Warrior to check the absorbed soul energy.
The soul energy absorbed from the skeleton remains is consistent with the skeleton’s level, and the soul in the skeleton is even more powerful than that of a knight of the same level.
/Little did David know that all the skeletons in this artifact space were caused by the God of Death, when he attacked the believers of another god at one time, and transformed the corpses of all the believers into skeleton puppets through divine magic, and their souls were also sealed in the skeletons.
Normally, the skeleton is bound to the soul. Unless the soul suffers a devastating blow, the skeleton will absorb the death power of the artifact space and recover.
This artifact has been supported by Death God believers.