this time to revive you, you need to sacrifice too many masters from the other side. In the past, it was still a small matter, and the resurrection could be completed by sending some underground alien immortals on the road. But this time If you sacrifice, too many people will die, and many of them include your own people. This reputation makes even me a little bit afraid.”

He sighed: “I originally planned to stay here to recuperate and let Fellow Daoist Lin and Fellow Daoist Luo do it. They will bear the infamy, but these two are also old foxes. Since Xu Ying took the initiative to wade into this muddy water, then why don’t I just go with the flow and let him To bear the infamy of killing the monks on the other side?”
Taoist Master Xuanhong was silent for a moment and said, “Is the fate so terrible?”
Master Hua smiled slightly: “If the calamity was not terrible, why did we kill each other back then? At that time, we killed each other to eliminate the calamity, and in the end, only three of us were left. Xuanhong, you should know this, Why not ask more?”
Taoist Master Xuanhong sighed and said: “I shouldn’t take advantage of others’ danger, but Brother Taoist, if you control the other side, it will only make the other side weaker and weaker.”
Master Hua smiled and said: “It is human nature to take advantage of others’ danger. But have you ever thought that maybe my injury is not as serious as you thought? Maybe I just show weakness to the enemy and lure the enemy to take action. I Kill the opponent to eliminate my misfortune?”
His eyes gradually became colder, but the smile on his face remained unchanged.
Taoist Master Xuanhong’s expression suddenly changed, and he suddenly turned into a flaming rainbow and shot through the sky. At this moment, an ax light flew out from behind Master Hua and slashed down at Changhong!
That ax light was not a magic weapon, but a magical power, but it was so strong and fierce that it fell with one axe, locking onto Xuan Hong and freezing time and space!
When the light of the ax fell, Taoist Master Xuanhong’s body suddenly disappeared, turning into a piece of innate fire energy and dissipating.
/Master Hua was stunned: “Tao body? Xuanhong, when did you learn to be so cunning?”
/Outside the Dao Ji Tian, ??the real Taoist Master Xuanhong stood in the starry sky. He felt that his Tao body was being chopped off, exhaled a breath of filthy air, and whispered: “Sure enough, Hua Shengsheng is indeed an old and cunning man. I can fight alone.” But him!”
He finally made up his mind and rushed towards the heaven, thinking in his heart: “If Dao Zun can accommodate one Ji Cang, then he can also accommodate another Xuan Hong!”
In Longxing Temple, the time and space that Taiyi Daojun had torn apart slowly closed.
Xu Ying fell into the time and space of Longxing Temple, and his figure was bumpy in time and space. Behind him were the pursuing gods and demons Daojun and a group of pursuers, who also fell into this chaotic time and space. Everyone saw countless pictures coming towards them, an