out, his face was a bit solemn, and he said: “We are still on the way. The disciples on the opposite side have sacrificed all their wealth and plan to sacrifice some strong men!”

The two said in succession: “Weird! Weird!”
Taiyi Daojun said: “The things on his body require spiritual energy many times greater than his! It is almost equivalent to replacing a Daojun in the past! The disciples of that universe simply do not have enough wealth to replace him.”
/The useless Qingxuan and Jiuhen looked at each other: “What should we do?”
Taiyi Daojun muttered: “The only plan now is to see if he can walk through it by himself. With his current ability, it is not difficult to pass through my cave and enter that universe, but it will take some time.”
The good-for-nothing Qingxuan quickly asked: “How long?”
Taiyi Daojun said: “He himself has Daojun’s cultivation, but he only has immortal strength. Based on Daojun’s cultivation, it will take about a hundred thousand years. But fortunately, the other side has sacrificed most of the spiritual energy , he has already walked most of the distance. With his strength, it will probably take another 20,000 to 30,000 years to reach the other side.”
He was quite melancholy, as it would take another twenty to thirty thousand years for him to realize the Taoism.
“It’s strange, what is it on him? He is so strong, not inferior to me!”
In the Taiyi Cave Abyss, Xu Ying was still moving forward in the gel material, but his speed was getting slower and slower, and sometimes he simply stopped. After ten days and a half, there was another sacrifice, which continued his spiritual power, allowing him to I was able to take a few steps forward.
Then the sacrifice ceased again.
Repeatedly, Xu Ying couldn’t help but get anxious, urged Wu Ji to achieve enlightenment, and tried his best to move forward. However, the resistance brought by the gel material was unexpectedly strong. He was like a mosquito solidified in pine resin, struggling hard, But it’s getting sticky.
Any of his movements became extremely slow, and it would take him several months to even take a single step!
“Master Zhong!”
With a call, the big bell flew out and made a clanging sound, finally loosening the surrounding gel material. Xu Ying took the opportunity to move his body and took a step forward after a while.
Dazhong soon felt that it was getting more and more difficult, and he quickly shouted: “Master Lian, come out and help!”
From the promised Chaos Cave Abyss, the Chaos Lotus Pond flew out. The Chaos Lotus held the flood source, floating lazily in the gel zone, and then became unable to move.
The Chaos Lotus struggled hard and could only shake the lotus leaves, the petals shaking like convulsions.
“Master Zhong, join me in offering sacrifices to Master Lian, and work together to open a road!” Xu Ying shouted.
One person at a time was about to sacrifice the Chaos Lotus to activate its power. There was only a buzzing sound, the lotus trembled, and countless spiritual lights swarmed forward, blasting forward to create