ty is overwhelming.

In an hour, enough news was fermented, and everyone in the Sky City knew the name of the Undefeated True Immortal Kong Shiquan.
With a chirping sound, a dragon tail swept out from behind him. It was more terrifying than the Heavenly Sword. It was surrounded by runes and dazzling as it struck towards Wang Xuan.
At this moment, Wang Xuan’s whole body was boiling with immortal power. He pushed hard with both hands and tore open the restricted space. He slashed with his right hand and with a pop, the sword light surged and directly cut off a section of the dragon’s tail.
He grabbed the remaining dragon tail, pierced his fingers into the flesh, swung it and smashed it onto the bronze ring.
With a bang, the bronze ground shook violently, runes shone, and bright red blood splashed high. In the first confrontation between the two, the heaven-level master of the Zhulong clan suffered a heavy loss, and the space spell was broken.
He was carried by his opponent and came into violent contact with the bronze platform. The impact was so violent that many bones were broken.
With a pop, he cut off his tail on his own and flew out, his body and mouth covered in blood, his eyes showing a cold light, and with a roar, his magic exploded and flew towards Wang Xuan.
On the giant bronze platform, the two men fought quickly and fiercely. After many collisions, Wang Xuan broke his neck with a pop, then punched him with the other hand and blew it up.
In the blink of an eye, he killed three heaven-level masters in a row.
Of course, these three times were not instant kills. He could not be too powerful and worry about being targeted.
Even so, it shocked the whole audience.
“Hiss!” This time it was Beast Girl’s turn to change her face. She quickly stepped onto the stage and secretly transmitted her voice, saying: “Brother, please slow down and save your time!”
Wang Xuan said: “They are a bit weak. If Chao Jueshi dares to go down and come to a fair arena to fight with me, I estimate that the fight will take a long time. I don’t know if the Chao Juezi from the Zhulong clan will end up.”
Although he lowered his voice, his mental fluctuations were not carried by some people in the VIP seats, but he was talking about the Zhulong Clan’s extraordinary people.
The furry ears of the beast girl were originally slightly drooped, but now they stood up quickly, and her pretty face with a sweet smile was a little stiff, and the ten snow-white fox tails behind her instantly became fluffy.
She was frightened, and her young and beautiful face was full of shock. What was the second king of Wuxing Mountain going to do? You are eyeing Chao Jueshi and want to have a fight with the person at the VIP table of the Zhulong Clan?
/At the VIP table, Zhu Hai’s face was calm, but his eyes were extremely cold. He glanced at the iron cage and saw a true immortal who had caused trouble to the young transcendent of the Zhulong tribe and actually provoked him again and again.
For a moment, he really wanted to fall from the sky and slap the de