uan take the initiative to bow his head and apologize, all parties will look much better, and it will be easier for her to handle the matter.

However, Wang Xuan is not a person who swallows his anger at all!
He was ready to go to hell, how could things get worse?
So he asked bluntly: “Are you talking to me?”
Moreover, he used the strongest Yudao texture and triggered the supernatural sense to penetrate the light curtain and let the sound penetrate through.
The middle-aged woman’s expression changed. After hearing her clear warning, the demon king already knew that they were from the Five Tribulations Mountains, so he still dared to be so rebellious?
/She lowered her face and got angry.
“Cut off your own hand and show me how to show me!” Wang Xuan said coldly, without any intention of coddling her, and his voice was excited and spread out.
/“Presumptuous!” The middle-aged woman’s face was cold, which made it difficult for her to get off the stage and made the matter difficult to handle. It gave people the impression that Wujie Mountain was too overbearing.
However, she had no choice and said: “I gave you a chance, but you didn’t repent. You have to walk your own path in life. You are so unruly and unruly, and you will kill the master’s family at every turn. How can you convince the public if you are not punished severely?” ?!”
Wu Lingkong didn’t speak, he just stood there with a sarcastic look on his lips and looked at Wang Xuan coldly. In the face of the foundation of the True Saint Family, what does a limit-breaking prodigy mean?
In his opinion, it is no longer the horrific and chaotic times that blood-stained the universe sea. Nowadays, it is difficult for a poor family to produce a noble son. Without the support of the supreme dojo, how can a small family produce a true saint? In this great era, there is no such opportunity anymore!
The middle-aged woman was decisive. She took one step closer and raised her hand to grab Wang Xuan.
“I gave you a chance, but you didn’t know how to seize it!” she said coldly.
At this moment, Wang Xuan decided that even if he was going to leave, he would have a good time first. He wanted to wave the imperial flag here, completely expose himself and rely on external force!
However, he was not allowed to attack.
A slender figure penetrated the cracked light curtain and appeared directly here. It was Elder Qingkong, and he slapped him with a slap.
With just one blow, the middle-aged woman’s big hand that was grabbing Wang Xuan disappeared, and her arm exploded, spreading all the way to her shoulder. Then the area near the shoulder blade exploded, disintegrated, and disappeared.
The middle-aged woman groaned, the pain was unbearable, the right side of her body was covered in blood, and she backed away quickly, and at this time the light curtain also collapsed.
When people saw the situation inside, they were extremely surprised. Was that the clear sky that the Black Peacock Holy Mountain had the most in the past? She took action against the supreme master of the Outer Wor