y after listening.

y after listening.
This sentence is much more realistic than what Poet Zhan said in the previous two games.
However, they can also feel that as the series progresses, James’ expectations have been severely lowered by the Lakers.
Maybe, probably, this is life!
“What you call maturity is just that the edges have been smoothed by life.”
This is a saying that has been quoted by many people.
But now, there is an answer.
It comes from such an allusion: A stone has sharp edges and corners when it is by the river, but if it is thrown into the river, it will slowly be washed away by the river water and become round and smooth.
From this change in James, we can feel that he is going through such a stage now.
Of course, this is a stage that many NBA players will go through.
/As for whether James will still stay together for warmth like in history, or become the ultimate dragon-slaying warrior as Sun Hao expected, perhaps only time will give the answer.
For Chinese fans, the desperate situation of 0-3 sounds very similar to the pronunciation of the Nuggets’ team name.
Many things may be destined somehow!
So what the Nuggets have prepared is unknown to the outside world.
After all, James is the chosen one. Even if he faces a powerful opponent like the Lakers, he should win at least one game.
Well, as James himself said, the wild elephant Iverson did when he faced the top “OK combination” in the finals.
After the opening ceremony, when the players were preparing to take the court, the on-site photographer gave James a close-up shot.
So in this scene, the on-site photographer took the initiative to capture the scene.
James, he did it again!
/To be honest, although he lost the last game, his performance was still much better than the previous two games.
People may not necessarily be superstitious, but most people’s attitude towards this matter is: I would rather believe it than believe it!
So James continued this action.
This scene was also projected on the large LED screen at the scene this time.
When he sprinkled magnesium powder into the air, there was a burst of cheers.
Don’t tell me, this action actually looks quite domineering.
If he can really take back the “little emperor” from Sun Hao, it will definitely match!
James felt the cheers of the fans and clapped his hands harder than before.
He feels that he is full of energy and will definitely help the team win this game today!
This is what James thinks, and this is what the fans expect.
Including the Nuggets’ opening game, they played as beautifully as the previous game.
But as time went by, the Nuggets’ firepower couldn’t keep up.
Terry scored 26 points in the last game, which can be said to be quite hot.
But this time, his touch was obviously colder.
But this time, the Nuggets’ outside offensive firepower dropped a lot.
Although James was carrying explosives and attacking the inside again and again, O’Neal was in charge, reducing the damage by 75% every round, and James couldn’t move at all!
Before the game w