The group study proposed by Team Leader Layard was a joke in the eyes of these researchers.
Because Team Leader Layard has been researching for several years and is about to produce results, while David on the other hand is just a newcomer. If he wants to defeat Team Leader Layard in the research project that Team Leader Layard is good at, it is Totally impossible to achieve.
But the fact is that it was a contest between the two sides, and David won.
/David’s research team is the only one on his team, while Team Leader Layard’s research on the other side brings together almost all researchers.
It can be said that this was David alone against a mature research team, and he achieved a complete victory.
An incomprehensible emotion spread among the few people who knew about it. If they had joined David’s research team before, now they could also enjoy the results of the completed research.
/In the research field, what everyone values ????is not power, but research ability.
Even the Federal Research Institute also focuses on research capabilities. Only when research capabilities are recognized can they have corresponding powers.
Several researchers who followed Team Leader Layard knew that Team Leader Layard had lost the game and at the same time, several years of hard work had been wiped out.
Because according to the grouping plan proposed by Team Leader Layard, the research results of one group have no relationship with the other group. At this time, Team Leader Layard is suffering the consequences.
It didn’t take long for the news to spread throughout the entire research team, and everyone in the research team was stunned.
Although the research project is completed, it does not mean that the seaside research project team can rest. According to regulations, only those in the seaside research project team who participated in the completion of the project can take a rest. The rest need to wait for the next step of the plan at the institute.
David did not leave early. He received a message from Director Bolivar asking him to stay at the Seaside Research Institute and wait.
“Invite everyone to the conference room!” David heard the announcement while he was studying an instrument.
Everyone he met along the way greeted David proactively, with warm smiles on their faces.
If David hadn’t worked here for many days and met most of the staff here, he would have thought that the staff of the Seaside Research Institute had been replaced.
These people didn’t have this expression in the past few days, and David had seen how quickly their faces could change.
However, he was not surprised. When he first came, it was indeed easy for people to misunderstand that he was here for gold plating. He used actual research results to convince these staff members.
When David walked into the conference room, he saw Director Bolivar waving to him and motioning for him to sit over.
“Arthur, you did a good job this time. You can come to my place if you have time in the future!” Director Bolivar praised with a smile.
“Thank y