y and applied it to a planet.

He landed in an area with dense groundwater distribution and distributed the seeds in his hands to fifteen Sky Knights and four fifth-level Templar Knights.
/Using level 4 Sky Knights and Level 5 Templars to sow seeds is probably rare in the entire divine world, but their powerful strength also makes sowing extremely efficient.
The fourth-level sky knights constantly took out seeds from the space ring and put them into the sand according to the distance between the plants as instructed by David. Their movement speed and hand speed were extremely fast, but they were not the fastest.
It is simpler for fifth-level Templars to sow seeds. Their spirit sweeps through the space ring, and then within the scope of their spirit, all the seeds are accurately placed into the sand according to regulations.
David did not participate in the sowing. He took out the alchemy table and began to draw the magic talisman.
The ability of the ‘Alchemy Master’ allows him to preserve some of his abilities through the ‘Magic Amulet’. He chose the ‘Ice Control’ ability, as long as the ‘Ice Control Pattern’ is drawn on the amulet of special materials. , you can let others use the ‘ice control’ ability.
In the past, when we were in the Interstellar Federation, the ‘Magic Talisman’ was the trump card of the extraordinary people. In order to trade the ‘Magic Talisman’ with the divine world, the extraordinary people paid a high price.
Now David can create a ‘magic talisman’ with just a few strokes, which makes him marvel at the wonder of his encounter.
Every time an ‘Ice Control Magic Amulet’ is refined, David will call an immortal vitality into it.
/When fifteen fourth-level Sky Knights and four fifth-level Templar Knights completed the planting, genetically modified weed seeds were neatly planted under the sand in an area of ??ten square kilometers.
David handed forty ‘Ice Controlling Magic Amulets’ into the hands of four fifth-level Templars respectively. The four fifth-level Templars were his avatars without any orders. Under the control of his consciousness, the four The fifth-level Templar flew high into the sky.
Flying to a certain height, the four level five Templars continued to move at high speed and activated the ‘Ice Control Magic Talisman’ according to the area.
It is estimated that in the world of gods, no one has ever used this method to make rain. There are only ready-made magics that can do the same thing, but they don’t know the reason.
This is a very simple artificial rainfall. There is no shortage of water vapor in Jiami Star. As long as the ‘Ice Control Magic Amulet’ is activated in the air to cause ice fog to appear in an area, the water vapor in the air can condense together.
Since the ‘Ice Controlling Magic Amulet’ contains an immortal vitality, this immortal vitality is subsequently integrated into the generated ice mist and transformed into the condensed rainwater.
The area of ??ten square kilometers was instantly covered with dark clouds, and then heavy rain fell.
This heavy rai