dhism and Taoism. I can’t step into the depths of the Buddhist realm. I’m afraid I will become a monk in the future!”

Wang Xuan looked at him and said, “Taoist priests are also monks.”
“It’s different. Some Taoist sects allow you to marry and have children.” Chen Yongjie shook his head and told him that he was going to use Buddha’s light to refine the elixir and embark on a prosperous road.
“Are you sure that the refined relics are not relics?” Wang Xuan doubted.
“How is it possible? I have already re-practiced the Supreme Sutra of the Taoist ancestral court. This is the golden elixir avenue that integrates the light of Buddha!” ??Chen Yongjie seemed very confident.
“Moreover, I want to cultivate nine golden elixirs and cultivate nine Yuanyings, which is unprecedented.” Chen Yongjie said his thoughts.
“You not only want to have a baby, but also a whole litter?” Wang Xuan looked at him with a strange expression.
“How are you talking? This is a baby. What you said is not sacred at all!” Chen Yongjie looked at him with an unkind expression.
“But the extraordinary world has collapsed. There will be no more babies in the future, and all immortals will degenerate.” Wang Xuan reminded him that it was useless to think so much.
/Let alone forming nine golden elixirs, it is difficult to succeed in even one in this world. You need to break the barrier and enter Xiaoyaoyou before you can form a golden elixir.
Chen Yongjie sighed and said: “If people don’t set a lofty ideal or a grand goal for themselves, then the road ahead will be more difficult and they will lack motivation.”
However, he regained his energy, and now, the energy in his body was steaming, billowing up, and extremely strong.
In this era, he can gather elixir energy so powerfully that he is far superior to anyone else. This is indeed the talent of a peerless ancestor in ancient times.
Therefore, his belief is very strong, he is full of motivation, and he wants to go all the way.
He asked: “I look at you. It seems that three rays of light are drawn in the life soil. From form to spirit, you have been baptized three times. Your blood is steaming and your body is roaring. What is going on?”
Wang Xuan told him succinctly, which made Lao Chen’s eyes widen and he felt speechless. Is this possible?
“Three strains of heavenly medicine are unheard of. Someone may have concealed them in ancient times, but I haven’t seen them in ancient books anyway. Is there any justice in this?” He was really in a daze.
He and Wang Xuan had gone through almost all the secret libraries and scriptures of each family. There were no classics that he had not seen before, and he gradually came into contact with all kinds of secrets. There really were no such people in ancient times.
“So, Xiao Chen, you have to be humble and don’t call yourself the Patriarch.” Wang Xuan said with a smile.
Chen Yongjie immediately glared at him, “Which one of us is confused? Xiao Chen, did you shout out?”
“Look at your physical body, you are young again. I am complimenting you!” Wang Xuan pursed