ys, Dazhong and An Qi reluctantly accepted the promise and no longer resisted so much.

They went to search for other survivors, but those people had already died because of their madness and broke into Xiao Xuantian’s restricted area.
“A Ying, how can we return to Yunmengze?” Xian Qi asked anxiously.
Xu Ying looked up at the sky and saw the huge Little Xuantian spiritual roots in the sky rooted in half of the fairy palace. It looked mysterious and powerful, giving people a sense of grandeur that it was close to a celestial body.
“We can only wait for Shicheng to come again.” Xu Ying said.
Da Zhong said: “But the fairy in the painting got the artifact of heaven. Without the artifact of heaven to pull Shicheng, will Shicheng come again? The ghost obsession of the ancestors of the village alone is not enough to drive Shicheng to ascend here, right?”
Xu Ying was startled for a moment, then suddenly came to his senses and lost his voice: “Master Zhong is right! Shi Cheng will never appear again!”
An Qi was puzzled and asked quickly: “Why doesn’t Shicheng appear again?”
Xu Ying walked around and suddenly stopped: “From the appearance of Yunmengze, to the vision of the dragon’s head appearing in Yunmengze, to now the gathering of immortal spiritual roots, the revival of Xiao Xuantian’s spiritual roots, and the restoration of the whole world. Lu, this series of events may not be accidental!”
His eyes flashed and he said: “It is very possible that someone is leading all this behind the scenes! Just like Naihe’s diversion to invade the underworld, it seems like a series of accidental events, but in fact Xu Fu is behind it. This time, there is also someone behind the scenes. , the purpose is to take away the Heavenly Dao artifact, reunite the Yin Yang Vine spiritual roots, and connect the Heavenly Road.”
Da Zhong said: “Our appearance, seeing through him pretending to be the Dao of Heaven, and stealing the essence of the original Dao he collected were all just an accident.”
Xu Ying said: “The immortal in the painting obtained the divine weapon of heaven and turned the immortal root back into the Yin-Yang Vine. Naturally, he does not have to drag Shi Cheng to come here.”
/An Qi finally understood and said: “In other words, Shicheng will not come back, and we will be trapped here forever.”
“There should be variables!”
Xu Ying walked around and thought, “The only thing the immortal in the painting failed to accomplish was to obtain the essence of the original path in the gourd. Another reason why he did all this should be to obtain these essences! He is a refiner Qi Shi, why do you have to get the essence?”
He stopped, slowly raised his gaze, and looked at the confused snake.
An Qi gathered up the courage and was about to ask the doubts in his heart when Xu Ying suddenly said: “Master Qi is right! This person must get the Essence of the Original Dao, because there are a large amount of immortal medicine in his body that has not been refined!”
An Qi nodded quickly and said, “That’s exactly what I meant.”
/Da Zhong s