the short blade and the lantern began to tremble uncontrollably, as if he was suffering from some kind of brain disease.

He once saw the human statues of the six righteous gods at the Tarot Club and at “The World” Herman, and he naturally recognized that the three figures that gnawed the arms, bit the heart, and sucked the brains were the “Storm of the Storm”. “Lord”, “Eternal Sun” and “God of Knowledge and Wisdom”
Although he had been disloyal to the church under the coercion of Qilingos, although he had joined the Tarot Society, he was getting farther and farther away from the “Abyss of Storms”, believing in Mr. Fool, and seeking a stronger life. A more powerful force. Although he repeatedly betrayed church information and was passive in certain matters, he still felt that he could still be regarded as a believer of the “Lord of Storms”, but he was not very pious or fanatical enough. At this moment, he He felt from the bottom of his heart that he had committed a serious crime of blasphemy, and almost gouged his own eyes out of fear.
Not committing suicide directly means that I have really become a false believer. Alger didn’t dare to look at it, turned around, looked at Gehrman Sparrow, and asked with a trembling voice:
“Those three are all kings of angels”
“I can’t give you a definite answer. I can only tell you that the Eternal Blazing Sun is closely related to the Pure White Angel.” Klein responded vaguely.
Sure enough, Alger suddenly realized that it was very possible that the “Lord of Storms”, “The Eternal Blazing Sun”, and the “God of Knowledge and Wisdom” were once the King of Angels.
As for Gehrman Sparrow’s inability to determine the situation in this regard, he was not surprised or surprised. After all, the other party was only a favored one, not Mr. Fool.
Alger was about to speak when he suddenly heard a sharp stab.
It’s like someone is inside a sarcophagus, digging into the lid with his fingernails
No, it’s not like that, that’s it
Assassination Razraz
/There were three sarcophagi on the left and right sides making a sharp and harsh friction sound. Then, the heavy gray-white coffin lid was either lifted or exploded, and three twisted figures stood up.
One of them is wearing a simple white robe that is almost turning gray. His face is pitted with rot. His neck, forehead, and back of his hands are covered with deep eyes. The one on the same side as him has a palm. It was huge, with thick fingers, as if it were carved from wood. Its surface was covered with a layer of yellow-green pus, and a mist of the same color that could corrode the sarcophagus filled the side.
The man on the other side was wearing a tattered brown jacket and a three-cornered hat with a white skull on top. The skin was completely rotten in many places, exposing the white bones.
/Under its clothes and inside its pants, one after another, smooth and thick tentacles inlaid with fish scales emerged, and naturally exuded an aura of majesty, arrogance, violence, and terror. This even made Klein feel like facing ” “Storm” has a