dicines to treat injuries would more or less affect a person’s thinking speed.

Because it contains analgesic components, reducing the impact of pain will naturally have an effect on the nervous system, and even the smallest side effects will affect David’s judgment during battle.
Fortunately, in David’s daily practice, he had long been honed by the ‘Advanced Armored Body Technique’ and did not feel much pain. Although the pain of this broken bone was strong, it would not affect his actions.
Shadow Warrior found the location of the sniper master in the air, which was a bunker in a space fortress. If David hadn’t had the heritage of being a sniper warrior, he could have judged the location of the sniper master through the flight path of the bullet. This bunker would still be there. It’s really impossible to find.
The other party obviously used a sound isolation device, and in this space environment, unless there is a special sound emitting device that uses a special vibration frequency to spread the sound, it is difficult for the sound to spread.
/The sniper master was a little far away from David’s position, about three thousand meters. From this distance, Shadow Warrior could not observe the sniper master hidden in the bunker.
Once again, a faint blue light flashed out from the bunker. If someone looked at it with their eyes, it is likely that the second-grade bullet hit the target when they saw it.
But the relationship between Shadow Waiter and David is like a separable organ in the body. What Shadow Waiter sees will be accepted by David without any time interval.
David’s body twisted again, a twist that was beyond the human body structure and once again affected the injury.
Just after twisting, David’s mind sensed a weak murderous intention. At the same time, a second-grade bullet passed through the alloy deck on the port ground above, passed through the filling below, and then passed through David’s body. Next to the side wall, shoot towards David.
If David hadn’t seen it through Shadow Warrior’s eyes, he would have been shot again at this moment.
The second-grade bullet grazed his exoskeleton armor and scratched a long cut on it, which wiped away the special coating on the surface of the customized exoskeleton armor.
Because David evaded in time, the kinetic energy of this second-grade bullet did not cause any further damage to David.
But David’s face was ugly. If he hid here, he would be sniped by the other party. This meant that this abandoned space fortress where the Blue Ice Mercenary Group was stationed was monitored everywhere, not even a blind spot.
/His eyes swept around, and through the three master-level knowledge of mechanical maintenance (87% satisfactory), spacecraft maintenance (65% satisfactory), and electronic countermeasures (50% satisfactory), he quickly discovered the hidden surveillance probe.
These surveillance probes are very secretive and advanced, and are not something ordinary mercenary groups can possess.
The energy consumption of ordinary monitoring probes will produce ene