ill be very dangerous for people without a physical body.”

“So scary? Let’s forget it. I’m so weak and not suitable for participating in such a big scene.” Wang Xuan shook his head.
Huang Kun said: “Don’t belittle yourself. This is a huge opportunity. Besides, I am far inferior to you at this stage. When the time comes, we will join forces, but you have a physical body, so you have to fish for the heavenly medicine.”
“But I still feel it’s not safe.” Wang Xuan felt that he was too weak to “take on a big responsibility”, so he asked Huang Kun to wait for him for a while while he went into retreat first.
“There’s not enough time.” Huang Kun shook his head.
“Senior, do you have any secret techniques or ancient techniques that can quickly improve your strength?” Wang Xuan asked.
Huang Kun was speechless, and finally shook his head resolutely and said: “I can’t harm you. Some quick secrets will eventually destroy the foundation of the practitioner.”
/“Is there really no harmless secret method?” Wang Xuan asked seriously.
/“The interior scene, the heavenly medicine, and the dead land are all fine. We are going to catch the heavenly medicine now.” Huang Kun told him not to be impatient. He should practice step by step, and the heavenly medicine is in sight.
“When will the higher spiritual world emerge in reality?”
“Midnight three days later!” Huang Kun informed.
“It’s so fast and I’m not prepared enough. I’m afraid I’ll die miserably from the spiritual fire.” Wang Xuan shook his head.
Huang Kun sighed: “In this case, I can’t force you, but it is indeed a big opportunity.”
He added: “It depends on the situation at that time. I think there may be an extremely grand scene. Maybe we don’t need to catch the Tianyao. It will fly out on its own initiative.”
Wang Xuan was puzzled and looked strange, asking him why he could do this?
“I have received news that behind the scenes, there will be several peerless experts taking action to fight for the heavenly elixir of the higher world. What if it is defeated? It may even escape on its own initiative, that would be wonderful.” Huang Kun expressed hope. color.
Wang Xuan became interested and said, “Can we see the battle between immortals?” He wanted to watch the battle. That kind of grand scene was really a spectacle, and he had never seen it before.
Huang Kun nodded and said: “There is a high probability that we will see a battle between immortals and people from several camps fighting against each other. It will be very terrifying!”
“Okay, after three days, we will act according to the opportunity.” Wang Xuan nodded, which was regarded as an agreement.
Then, he was in a dilemma again and thought of something, and said: “I feel that there are very powerful supernatural beings following me recently. I am afraid that something will happen. Please help me, senior, to help me solve the problem of death!”
Huang Xinghai was standing guard outside the ancestral temple. When he heard Wang Xuan’s words, his face twitched. This young man wanted the true immortal of the Huang fam