eed a few days, the finishing work is too heavy. Before leaving, I will also give you a big gift!”

He added that it would be best if Wang Xuan went with them.
/“I’m here to borrow the pool of the past life!” Wang Xuan explained his purpose, and soon met Zhong Changming. After a brief and confidential conversation, Zhong Laoer’s bald head grew fine black hair roots, and the deal was concluded.
At the same time, Wang Xuan also privately gave Zhong Cheng two bottles of Dixianquan for him and his sister to share.
It has been determined that the Earthly Immortal Spring cannot help extraordinary people survive the period of mythological decline. Wang Xuan wants to give away most of it in the near future, and all acquaintances will have a share.
Wang Xuan went to the Zhong family’s secret warehouse. It was really amazing. There were too many ancient artifacts displayed in piles. From the utensils used by the alchemists of the pre-Qin Dynasty to the sacred objects of the Taoist ancestral court, to the important Buddhist instruments, as well as various unknown antiquities, including some strange collections, such as coffins and well-preserved physical Bodhisattvas.
After Wang Xuan entered, he looked at his nose, his nose and his mouth, and spoke with concern. He ignored the strange things and moved the dusty pond away.
In the secret vault, various movements came out, but no one dared to explore the spiritual body for fear of having their soul taken away.
“Even if you have a physical body, if you face it for a long time, you will not end well. This pool is said to be able to send people to the afterlife, but God knows where the souls it swallowed have gone!”
In the secret vault, there was movement, and there were creatures whispering. Although they were jealous, they did not stop them.
Because they knew that the gray pool was too dangerous and could not be controlled by ordinary people. It was a divine object prepared for the extremely powerful.
“Among the extraordinary people in the world, whoever takes away the pool of life will die young.”
/What Wang Xuan has to deal with now is a large camp with peerless powerful men. He feels that the more dangerous things are, the more reliable they are, so he should pass this level first.
Zhong Cheng accompanied Wang Xuan to leave the secret treasury area, and saw several young men and women from a distance. One of them was particularly handsome and had a fairy-like charm, chatting and laughing with Zhong Qing.
“This man’s name is Cao Qingyu. Although he is gentle and has an outstanding temperament, there is something wrong with his eyes. He only appeared yesterday and he is here again today. He is always approaching my sister. Others seem to be a little afraid of him. This man is among the immortals. He is very important among future generations,” Zhong Cheng said.
“There is something wrong. This man’s spiritual energy continues to expand, which can affect other people’s perceptions of him at close range.” Wang Xuan said.
Zhong Cheng was worried and said: “No wonder, I fe