n though he repeatedly despised practitioners on New Moon and in the Qin family, when he really had to face them, he was still very clear-headed and could not be scornful in person.

In the Zhong family, Zhong Cheng showed a strange look and said, “In the Sun family, someone has contacted the second grandfather in private.”
Zhong Qing nodded and said: “The Sun family is probably under a lot of pressure. Unless they make up their mind to trade their base camp for Wang Xuan’s life, their heartstrings will always be tight and it will be very painful.”
Wang Xuan’s whereabouts were uncertain this night, and he kept approaching Kangning City, which made some people in the Sun family feel suffocated. What if he entered the city?
News soon spread that Wang Xuan had entered Pingyuan City, which was only 370 miles away from the Sun family’s location.
Everyone was moved. This was indeed an attempt to attract people without making a move. It was very close to the Sun family’s base camp, and it wasn’t too far for an extraordinary person to kill him.
The Sun family was very sad, and they were not happy when they received the news. Such villains frightened them at such a close range, which made them feel like a light on their backs.
Some old men looked on with cold eyes, and finally some people breathed a sigh of relief. Wang Xuan’s performance is not as dangerous as imagined. If he tries his best to break into Corning City, they will feel that he is too aggressive and an uncontrollable variable.
That night, Zhong Changming officially came forward to “pacify” the Sun family, and spoke to the young swordsman to mediate the disputes and conflicts between him and the Sun family.
The so-called appeasing the Sun family naturally means giving them a chance to step down, mainly for outsiders to see.
Wang Xuan accepted the mediation and acted very low-key, saying that as long as the Sun family does not go too far, he hopes to live a quiet and peaceful life. He hates killing and will practice medicine all over the world.
Zhong Qing smiled and said: “Of course, he is in charge now. Even the Sun family has secretly contacted him and asked him to mediate. Plus, with the hope of extending his life, his mentality must be much younger.”
Zhong Changming is Zhong Yong’s second son, now in his seventies and eighty. After Zhong Yong formed a cicada shell and fell into a coma, Zhong Lao Er finally became the talker of the Zhong family.
“Xiao Qing, please invite Wang Xuan to your home some other time.” In the evening, Zhong Changming looked cheerful and found Zhong Qing and Zhong Cheng.
/The two siblings understood immediately upon hearing this that the old man wanted to continue his life!
Late at night, all parties learned that the Sun family and Wang Xuan unexpectedly stopped fighting and temporarily stopped the conflict, which made many people regretful.
/The special circles of chaebols and large institutions all understand the situation. Everything is a temporary calm period. It is uncertain when the two sides will fight to death. If t