a tiger with a tiger head and nine tails.

An Qi shouted: “Ah Ying, look outside the temple!”
Xu Ying looked outside the temple and saw the townspeople taking in magic weapons that exuded the power of heaven, including swords, spears, swords, halberds, bells, tripods, and towers, forming a formation around the temple.
The power of heaven overflowed from those magic weapons, and the power became stronger and stronger, gradually causing the walls and roof of the temple to float softly, and bricks and stones continued to fall off!
Xu Ying frowned and looked at the tiger-headed nine-tailed statue in the center. Suddenly an idea flashed and he said quickly: “Master Qi, bring me some incense!”
/An Qi quickly opened his mouth, and bundles of incense and candles flew out from a pile of debris in his belly. Xu Ying immediately set up an altar, put incense and candles on the altar, and lit them all.
I saw incense curling into the nostrils of the tiger-headed and nine-tailed statue.
The tiger-headed and nine-tailed statue suddenly shook, came to life from the altar, shook its body, swung its nine tails, crouched down, and put its huge head in front of Xu Ying, looking around.
Xu Ying smelled the strong smell of incense and the breath of blood.
“Praise my true name!” The statue’s big head opened its mouth, and the roar shook Xu Ying’s face to the point where wrinkles appeared on his face, shaking back, and his hair was blown straight.
An Qi said loudly: “Ah Ying, the Heavenly Dao formation outside has been activated!”
The power of the Tiandao Dojo became thicker and more terrifying, causing the outer walls of the temple to crackle and burst into pieces. The pillars floated in the air and continued to disintegrate!
The dome of the temple was also disintegrating, and the ground under their feet was also floating and soft, collapsing and disintegrating, making their range of activities smaller and smaller!
The statue also saw that the situation was dangerous and shouted loudly: “Praise my true name!”
Cold sweat rolled down Xu Ying’s forehead, and his brain was running wildly, but he had no idea what his real name was. The statue’s voice was thick, as if coming from the nine heavens, with a rolling sound, deafening, and said sternly: “Praise my true name!”
Various images came to Xu Ying’s mind, flashing by like a horse, and suddenly a name came to him. Without thinking, he opened his mouth and shouted: “Shangshen Lu Wu”
The statue with a tiger head and a human face and nine tails smiled, violent divine power erupted from the body, and a thunderous roar came from the mountains.
“Lu Wu is here! I’m at your disposal!”
Loud rumbling noises continued to come from the nine mountains. On the outskirts of the Kunlun Mountains, the ancient and incomparable divine power awakened, leading Xu Ying and others to break through the Tiandao dojo and fly away!
Outside the town of Xiadu, the Nuo masters of the Zhu family, led by Zhu Hongyi, were rapidly approaching the town. Suddenly, a young man in blue flew over and landed in fron