aid. If his spiritual consciousness couldn’t come back, wouldn’t he become an idiot?

“My consciousness follows the mysterious energy through time and space. After traveling so far, I still haven’t found the source of the mysterious energy. It seems that this place is really a paradise, not a lie! Master Zhong must have guessed wrong!”
Xu Ying was about to return the same way, when suddenly the bell gradually became clearer.
He couldn’t help but be stunned.
The sound of the bell gradually became clearer, which meant that he was getting closer and closer to his physical body!
/But how is this possible?
My consciousness has obviously followed the mysterious energy through time and space and plane after plane, as if it has traveled hundreds of millions of miles, but why is it getting closer and closer to me?
Xu Ying’s consciousness chased this ray of mysterious energy into Niwan Palace and came to the stone wall behind the palace. The source of the mysterious energy is in the stone wall.
Xu Ying withdrew his consciousness, jumped out of the water, and quickly put on tattered clothes.
He went to see An Qi and saw that the snake demon was still transforming, so he had to go to the stone wall behind the palace.
The stone wall was covered with moss, no different from the stone walls in other places. Xu Ying looked around and saw that the mysterious energy seeped into the stone wall and then disappeared.
He knocked lightly on the stone wall. The stone wall was extremely thick.
Xu Ying thought for a while and said, “Master Zhong, please come out for a moment.”
The big clock flew out of his mind and said, “What’s the matter?”
Xu Ying picked up Zhong’s nose, rounded it and slammed it down on the stone wall. The big bell screamed: “What are you doing? Put me down quickly, Dang! You bastard, Dang! I will fight with you, Dang!” !Zhong Ke can be killed but not humiliated, Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!”
The big bell trembled, but the stone wall remained motionless.
Xu Ying put down the big bell, stepped forward and touched the stone wall, thinking: “There is indeed a problem. The big bell can even break the golden body of the City God. Ordinary stones cannot be harder than the City God.”
Da Zhong hurriedly moved away from Xu Ying, with lingering fears: “This kid has violent tendencies!”
At this time, Xu Ying noticed a faint mark on the stone wall. The mark was like the print of his left hand, blurry.
His heart moved slightly, and he stretched out his left hand to cover the palm print.
The stone wall trembled slightly and suddenly made a clicking sound. It separated to the left and right, and a narrow passage appeared. Xu Ying raised his feet and walked in, only to see the stone wall receding and the square stones shrinking towards the inside of the mountain. The big bell quickly followed.
Xu Ying walked forward, and the stone wall continued to shrink back. After walking dozens of feet, he came to a stone chamber inside the mountain.
The stone room was not big, four feet long and four feet wide. It was very simple, wit