at Zhang Jian up and down, nodded.

“Is such that!”
/Zhang Jian smiled slightly in front of everyone’s gaze, and Qi Yi said even more confidently.
“It is indeed a little different. You look more mature. Maybe you have experienced killing. You have a convincing look!”
Taoist Tianxu nodded secretly.
Zhang Jian speculated in his mind that this might be an additional influence brought about by the formation of the destiny. In addition, it might also be the dual effect of fortune-telling and foundation-building and the formation of the destiny.
Zhang Jian had long noticed that after his fate took shape, there were still some very different changes in him.
In addition to the sharper soul and spiritual thoughts, the affinity between oneself and the spiritual field between heaven and earth has also been improved.
Zhang Jian thought of a word.
The posture of dragon and phoenix!
Dragon and Phoenix are the darlings of heaven and earth.
His body is stained with the aura of dragon and phoenix, and naturally there will be some unique changes.
He is a real dragon and a phoenix.
The Magistrate’s Mansion, a behemoth that had been suppressing many local forces inside and outside Fengyang County, collapsed overnight. Many major forces in Fengyang County seemed to heave a sigh of relief, followed closely by many questions about the Magistrate of Fengyang County. Rumors about the government spread.
Some people say that Yu Tongguang, the county governor, does not practice benevolence and has offended the gods and deserves this retribution.
Some people also say that the Sheriff’s Mansion offended a senior official in the imperial court. The senior official was dissatisfied, so the Sheriff’s Mansion was targeted. This was the biggest factor in Yu Tongguang’s death.
The entire Fengyang County was in commotion. At this time, Zhang Yi, the head of the Zhang family, rushed to Fengyang County.
There are many things that Zhang Yi has to do when he returns to Fengyang County this time. In addition to ‘communicating’ with Yao He, he also needs to select a location to truly gradually move the basic base of the Zhang family in Fengxi into Fengyang County and beyond.
Establish a solid foundation in Fengyang County.
Now that Fengyang County has lost its county guard, all county affairs are handled by the county magistrate Yu You and the county lieutenant Wang Shao. This is an opportunity that cannot be missed for the Zhang family.
Chapter 76 Fengling
In the east of the city, in front of a grand mansion, a huge 10,000-character plaque in the center was being replaced by a few veterans and replaced by the Zhang family.
This is a very large mansion in the east of the city. It is the residence of a county official under Yu Tongguang.
After the fall of Yu Tongguang, this official was jointly liquidated by the four major families and many local wealthy families. He is now in prison, and his female family members have all been detained, waiting for his death.
After the official surnamed Wan’s family property was confiscated, Zhang Jian