definitely condensed the ancestral energy of Sheji, and his attainments were not low.

But no one knows what his core Dao Fruit is.
It’s just that this person’s way of explaining the Dao is much more obscure.
The many mysteries of the Earthly Path he spoke about were so profound that most of the gods and gods present could not understand them.
However, the immortals also understood that the most basic theories had been explained by Holy Emperor Fuxi, Immortal Zhen Yuanzi had already supplemented almost all of them, and Holy Emperor Xuanyuan could only add some more advanced areas.
Zhang Jian’s energy and energy are highly concentrated.
Those profound gray earth-attribute mysteries were aimed at immortals with non-earth attributes and earth attributes. To him, they felt like rain.
Many doubts in my mind have come to an end.
There are actually many overlaps between the earth attribute and the earth attribute, making it easier to draw parallels.
It is actually relatively easier to switch from earth-attributed roads to earth-attributed roads.
Xuanyuan Holy Emperor’s understanding of the earth-attributed avenue of heaven and earth has undoubtedly reached an unimaginable level, and I am afraid no one in the field can surpass him.
Neither Immortal Zhen Yuanzi nor Holy Emperor Fuxi can do it.
Moreover, as the Holy Emperor who is in charge of killing, war, and governing authority, he is even more convincing on how to coordinate the immortals, suppress the earth, and subjugate all things in the world.
In fact, the three Holy Emperors each had their own emphasis on attaining enlightenment.
Holy Emperor Fuxi is the ancestor of humanities.
The Nonghuang represents the virtue of fire, replacing the light of the sun, and uses the heaven and earth to nourish all living beings, and the earth to nourish all things.
Xuanyuan Holy Emperor represents conquest and unification.
In terms of uniting troops in combat, they have more say.
After the three Holy Emperors finished their sermons, they asked other great supernatural beings and the many gods and gods present to express their opinions and participate in the debate.
/This is the most lively part.
Zhang Jian did not miss it. He also took the opportunity to express some of his doubts and asked several people with great supernatural powers to solve them.
This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and he naturally didn’t want to miss it.
Three hundred years later, the emperor’s sermon ended.
After the sermon ended, everyone filed out of Tianque Shenqiao, and each of the immortals still felt that they still had unfinished business.
Zhang Jian followed the flow of people and walked out. He saw some familiar figures of immortals and gods from a distance, and greeted them with a smile.
The conversation started to get interesting, so I went to a teahouse with the other immortals and started talking.
Zhang Jian noticed that the Sanyuan Emperor and the five gods of fortune, longevity, happiness and wealth were passing by in the distance, and Zhang Jian immediately took adv