le Ranking. The other things were not what he had to worry about now. When he came to the Cultivation Academy, he was determined to die. Now it seems that the atmosphere here is far away. It’s not as dangerous as he thought, so it’s nothing.

“Fan Hong, I want to build a camp, will you help me?”
Wang Meng said resolutely.
The minced meat squirted all over Wang Meng’s face.
“Ahem, I said Wang Meng, are you really fake? Even if you devote yourself to the sect, it’s not your turn. Isn’t there another He Zui in your temple? The leader of the camp is very popular, but his life is short!”
Fan Hong wiped his mouth, this kid was the craziest guy he had ever seen.
“Didn’t you say that life is nothing more than this? I just want to go crazy. Are you willing to play with me?”
Wang Meng laughed.
Fan Hong stared at Wang Meng with big eyes, “Fuck, how do I know a guy like you? Without a woman, now even my life is almost gone, but… it sounds exciting, then give it a try !”
The two discussed it, and Fan Hong went to prepare the things needed to establish the camp, while Wang Meng did the rest.
As long as the camp can be built, the temple will get a score, which is obviously very helpful and can make up for the losses caused by the Demon Sect last time.
/It’s just that Wang Meng won’t let go of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect so easily. To capture the thief, capture the king first, and take advantage of the fact that the Ten Thousand Demons Sect doesn’t know him very well yet, and get rid of Qian Fei first.
Two hundred and ninety-four one-on-one
What Fan Hong is most afraid of now is having nothing to do. The ranking of the Fahua Sect is indeed not too high, but the Fahua Sect has a lot of wealth. It can definitely be ranked in the top fifty. However, Fan Hong does not live up to expectations and is quite disappointed. The head of the Fahua Sect hates that iron cannot become steel. He is not afraid of Fan Hong’s troubles, but is afraid that he will always follow a woman like a bitch.
Qian Fei has also recently been thinking about how to make a contribution to increase his status in the sect. Now no one above the 30th level can compete with him. As long as he consolidates his status, Ao can get rid of Qi Feiyu. If he waits until he reaches the fourth level Above the tenth level, Qi Feiyu has not made any obvious progress, so the sect will definitely turn to train him.
Qian Fei was very happy, and he couldn’t stop his luck. When Qian Fei received the message from the temple, he was really surprised, especially when he saw that it was Wang Meng who launched a revenge war against him, which made Qian Fei dumbfounded.
It is said that every sect can produce some loyal disciples, but he didn’t expect that he would actually meet one.
Wang Meng dared to challenge him to a fight to the death. He was really desperate. Qian Fei had no reason to refuse. This matter had to go through the Baizhan Pavilion. The space for the decisive battle could be arranged at any time. What tricks could Wang Meng pull out?
This opportunity cannot b